No Pain - No Gain?

I find my legs are getting weaker since I had 3 cortisone injections in my back. This is probably due to lack of activity as the injections only seemed to help with the pain shooting down my legs. The pain in my lower back is only slightly reduced.

I used to only use a cane if walking very far, but have recently become very dependant on it to the point it doesn't even seem to be enough. I have therefore begun working out on a Nustep to build up my leg strength. Day one ... left with jelly legs. Day two... left with jelly legs and had severe leg cramps in both legs later that evening, but I already notice my legs are beginning to get stronger. I am not depending so heavily on my cane as I walk.

I'll continue to give this a chance but OMG, I really hate those Turrets inducing excrutiating leg cramps. I usually get bruises on my thighs afterwards (which I have never understood). Of course my body aches have increased (#$@$#$ Fibromyalgia).

This is no fun but I'm not ready to start shopping for a Hoveround!

Can I buy a Spoon? (Google Spoon Theory.Itwas shared on one of these boards but I can't remember which one. It's very helpful.)

I haven't met anyone yet who has had much luck with cortisone shots for fibro. It's good that you get some benefit from them.

Weak legs is something I haven't experienced - yet. It sounds terrifying to me. How do you do anything when you can't count upon your legs holding you up? And couple that with leg cramps - awful. How /do you stay standing? I'm impressed with your determination to strengthen your legs. I hope it keeps coming along - with the cramps.

Dear Hippie,

I just checked your profile, don't see any disc or Sciatica problems, or Arthritis mentioned. As for me, most of my shooting pains are from a disc hitting the Sciatic nerve, Spondylitis, stenosis, but I had been tested and Doctored extensively for 7 years for these things to be found.

As to the Pain Management injections, some are helped, some are not, some are made worse. That is my opinion after 5 Pain Management offices, lots of conversations in the waiting rooms, but of course, I am not a Doctor.

Hope you can get some relief. The Lyrica helps me with the nerve pain shooting down the legs, but if it is not from nerve pain...

Wishing you WELL,


Lol I have the tourettes response to pain too, but trying not too because I'm often in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes its funny but other times a little inappropriate. I looked up the spoon theory a couple of weeks ago. I struggled to concentrate to read the story, but its a good analogy.

Exercise really is a good way to manage fibromyalgia and the pain, although we do have to be really careful not to keep overdoing it. It does seem like two steps forward and one step back at times but once we learn our limits and where we can push ourselves a little harder, it really helps.

I find sitting around makes me worse and start the slippery slope down so I have to get up and stretch etc. And we can all find ten minutes a day to do some gentle exercise can't we. It helps the mind as well as the body.

My diagnosis for my back is Spondylothesis (sp?). I have been going 3 - 4 times a week and commit to 20 minutes on a Nustep. It's sort of like a recumbant bike. I had used one in PT after knee replacements. I am having less issues with leg cramps. I am however aching all over and completely drained. I know its the fibro flaring up. I told myself I would stick it out for a month to try to strengthen my legs both to help my walking and to take the strain off of my back. I feel like I'm moving backwards. I hope I'm right about the fibro simply masking any progress I'm making. Some days are harder than others to get through the excercise. I reduce my pace as needed but refuse to give up. By the time I'm done I can barely walk to my car with my cane.

My plan is after a month to take a break from this and hopefully let the fibro settle down to see if I am making progress on the leg strength.

SK, I added to my profile. I had been lazy and only listed my fibro when I set this up. I also feel like a whiner when I consider my many diagnosis.

Good on you for working so hard and keeping at it!

It does sound like you are overdoing it a bit and making the fibro worse though. You could reduce it a little and build up slower to make life, and the pain, a bit easier on yourself.

Well done for fighting it all the way!! It all helps make your future brighter too.

My God girl, no wonder you feel bad! I'd give you some spoons, if I only could! Hope you can get some relief, glad I went back through these, and glad you updated your profile.

If my Rheumatologist is correct that FMS is caused by chronic pain, we surely know where yours is coming from.

I wish you WELL!

Love and hugs,