Over doing it...Ugg!

I have more bad days than good, still have not found med combo that works. I had a good day today and think I may have over done it again. I’m moving on Friday and packing up and cleaning and purging things we don’t need. I can feel that I over did it and have to work in am. Luckily we are hiring people to move us because I can’t do to much. How not to over do It when you feel good? Suggestions?

I myself am learning that if I over do it today...I will pay for it tomorrow... with me it is extreme sleepiness. Yeah I would have more pain but the fatigue takes me down and I sleep all day....and then all night.

This is so frustrating. I empathize with you. Lately this has become harder for me to control because my flare ups are becoming more frequent and brought on by less severe tolerance. I may need to up my dose of medication a bit I think. Also, I too am moving. I want to help out with so much more, but I can hardly lift a thing.