Pregnant with Fibro?

I was just wondering if anyone else is pregnant with fibro on here? I know there is a group but it only has 5 members and not updated at all. I am 36 wks pregnant and just wondering what to expect? It’s frustrating not knowing I read that postpartum is suppose to be awful due to hormones going back to normal.
I’ve been in a great deal of pain since the beginning of 8 months I’m 9 months today and I’m about to lose my mind. I’m a photographer and told one of my bosses that I can no longer do sessions alone because I’m way to slow and cannot get up and down easy. Which is normal in any pregnancy but add a chronic pain disorder on top of that. I have been trying to keep my cool because I have to explain to her every time we work together that I need help and she seems annoyed by it. The customers are more understanding than she is. So I was just curious what other people have gone through

This is my third. But first since diagnoses. It’s a girl. I already have a daughter that is 13 and a son who is 6. Prior to getting pregnant I was taking gabapentin, tramadol, 2 different muscle relaxers a sleeping med. omeprazole , metaformin, and depression med. Now I still take gabapentin, omeprazole and metaformin plus Tylenol. I don’t plan on breast feeding so I can get back on meds especially depression meds I’ve had a lot of anxiety with this pregnancy.