Put my NOTICE in at work

*whoossaaaaaaah* I am typing up my notice and putting it in today!! BUT good news is I come to work to find out a new girl has been hired AND she does supervising, she's training and they say she's good so that warms my heart to know I won't be leaving my boss without a good fill in!!!

I'm scared to not work but my sister is right, I have changed for the worse and need to get better. This job has put me in a flare up that will not go away until I go away from it.


Congratulations, Mo! I know you want to work but you're right, flaring due to a job is a bad thing and puts you in a bad way. I know you'll feel better now and can focus on your classes and son. Those are two very worthwhile goals. Good job!

Yea I am excited but worried. I js feel like I am failing. My sister said its not failure. She actually made sense by telling me that allowing this job to take me back to where i was 4yrs ago is failing. I had no diea she knew or paid attention but she was right. i am like I was back then and that was not a GOOD ME...I can live off of student loans which is good but sucks because I was js working on getting my debts in order and quitting will set me back but I know it's the right move to make. . . .js worried a bit is all. . . i need a vacay!!!


sounds like the right decision for right now, you've got to get everything under control so you can get some quality of life. There'll be the right job for you later on.

Hope you feel a bit better soon xoxo

I know how you feel, Mo. I'm only working pt and my sister helps me out a lot. I wish I could do more but this illness is holding me back.

Your sis is 100% right in saying that being emotionally and physically squashed by this illness coupled with an intense job is failing yourself.

You can only do what you can do. It's a hard pill to swallow. I know because I'm looking at taking a full-time job to help out financially, and quite frankly it scares me. I constantly sleep throughout the afternoon because I'm exhausted and I don't know if I could fight the exhaustion and stay awake at a job. Also, right now I get my medical care thru the state of Mass - RomneyCare - and it pays so much more than my own insurance ever did thru any job. If I start a new job I'd have vastly inferior health insurance and that scares me too.

So you see, it's hard to know what is "success" and what is "failure" sometimes, but if you're killing yourself without an end in sight (and fibro leaves you no end in sight with your current job) then it's failure. Now you have a fresh start, so you can go to school and put all of your effort into classes. BTW, what are you studying?

You are so right. Fibro makes it hard to know what is the right decision and what isn't but as I am here at work right now and my body is hurting, I am happy for an end in sight to this job.

I changed my mjor from Computer Forensics & information Assurance protection because it required more math than I was willing to continue with even though I knew it from the beginning I just couldn't hack it, now I am gign for Admistrative Assistant and Software Support Specialist so i still get to work with computers plus my course work already completed applies a lot to this so I have only 2 semesters left!!!

Wishing you my very best, Mo! I think you are heading in the right direction! You know that everyone here is behind you and will be supportive!

Sounds like things are finally starting to fall into place for you!



Oh but your body is telling you what is right today at work. And I'm ha[[y for yothat anend isin sight. You sound just like me when I quit.

Hey I studied computer forensics too until I found out you had to get deeply into bits and bytes instead of going online and trying to track down bad guys. Your new major is a good one for getting a job. And better still, only 2 semesters left. Excellent! Nicely done. Your sis is so smart!

Good for you !!! Nice that you have a sister that cares, take one day at a time, trust god to take care of tommarow, your sister is right its not a failure, a failure is when you can work but just don’t want to. That’s not us ! I know about being scared, It’s very scary not to work, just be careful to not let that fear rule your emotion, it will delay your goal to feel better,