Questions about thyroid issues

Hi everyone
Sorry haven’t been on. I am having really rough time . Think due my thyroid. My drs not sure what to do help. I started out hypothyroidism took medication for few months it now hyper . When did thyroid uptake study it was low didn’t absorb iodine very well. Did show inflammation of thyroid. All they do keep retesting me. I scared . I feel like crap physically and mentally. Dr says due poor absorption of iodine that afraid I would need too high of a dose of the radioactive iodine and I think afraid to do surgery.
Why all retesting? If keep coming back abnormal
Help tell me what you think waiting for
Thank you all gental hugs

Hello Tina,

Sorry to hear you going through this, it must be such a worry. Sadly I have no experience of this, so can't offfer advice. I can send positive thoughts, tho', and wish you well.

Take care, Anne