Hi everyone! I'm very new to this site and so thankful to find this online support group for fibromyalgia. I'm interested in all opinions about taking Savella. I have just finished taking the two week triation pack, and like all other anti-depressants I've taken over the years did not have good results. I felt very groggy and tired especially when I reached the dosage of 50mg. twice daily. In addition there was absolutely no pain relief during this period. I believe I read somewhere that this drug sometimes takes longer than the two week trial period to get needed relief. Does anyone have further information regarding the use of this drug, and how long it may take to get needed relief? I believe at this point I will stop taking this medication do to side effects alone as with the fibro-fog the last thing I need is additional groggy feeling all day long. Also have noticed my sleep is even more messed up while on this drug as I've been waking all hours of the night while napping throughout the day.

I'm also very interested in getting additional information regarding the drug mirapex. Has anyone on this site tried this drug for fibromyalgia relief? I know it is not yet approved by the FDA, but is approved for restless leg syndrome. Since I also suffer from this I'm seriously thinking about talking to doctor about a trial of this drug. I ordered a book on Amazon written by a doctor from Oregon who uses this drug to treat his fibromyalgia patients with better than average results. Of course like all drugs their are many side effects, and some are pretty scary for this drug. Use of this drug for treating fibromyalgia is used in much smaller doses so I'm thinking at this point I'm ready to take a chance for any additional relief.

Thank's to all who have so graciously welcomed me to this support site. I look forward to talking with all of you, and welcome the opportunity to visit with anyone who can relate to this horrible disease. God bless each of you as to me you are all hero's who awake each day to do battle with this thing called fibromyalgia.

Hello Gloria and I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to return a message for you. Yes I have tried Savella, and it did nothing for me. While I had no side effects, I also had no benefits from this drug. The only drug approved for fibromyalgia that has given me any relief was Lyrica. The problem with this drug for me had to do with weight gain and after several months on the drug the benefits started to be less and less. The weight gain issue for me was horrible as I gained over twenty pounds in short period of time and was always hungry. Hope this helps!

As for the mirapex I've just started the trial dosage for this drug. If you would like more information on this drug look up Dr. David Dryland on google. He also has a web site of his own and I think it is Anyway so far I'm having no side effects but am only on third week. It takes up to eight to twelve weeks to reach therapeutic dosage for this drug. Dr. Dryland says that 4.5 mg. at bedtime is optimum dosage for fibromyalgia. Some people cannot take this drug do to nausea issues and he substitutes another drug called requip in this instance. I'm really praying this drug works for me as after I read the book by Dr. Dryland it really spoke to me and my life with fibromyalgia. Please look into this doctor and this drug Gloria as I believe he is on to something.

Thank you Gloria, and I plan on keeping everyone informed on my progress, or lack of God forbid. In the meantime please take a look at as he is the doctor who found this protocol for treating fibromyalgia. He still has a practice in Oregon and he himself suffered from fibromyalgia so is one of the rare doctors who truly understands people like us.

Hi there and welcome aboard!! Sometimes it will take a medication up to 6wks. to really kick into your system. I myself take Venlafazine 37.5mg. which seems to help however what works' for one doesn't always work for another. I would stick to your new meds for awhile. Just give it some time to kick in. Take care and I hope your medication works for you. Marly

Thank you so much for you post Marly. I do plan on taking this mirapex trial all the way even though I’m getting no benefits as of yet. However I’m currently on very low dose and must work my way up to therapuetic dose. I dream of the day when I can take the very heavy pain medications I currently take and get rid of them forever. I have faith that day will come as every year, and sometimes months now I see new techniques/medications for treating fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders. Compared to even just ten years ago their is much more attention and more and more all of the time for this horrible disorder. Again thank you and I’m so glad you’re getting help from your medication.