Skin Conditions

does anyone else have trouble with their skin getting red and blotchy and itchy alot with weather or any daily changes or any meds? i need to know if theres a connection with fibro and skin conditions or if its just me and I just was diagnosed with both fibro (a month ago) and rosacea (last week) and i need to know all i can. I also have other physical disabilities that ive had all my life

Hi Corinne,

I have trouble with the morphine making me itch, reminds me of that 'Pink' song! Sometimes I have to take a benadryl with it for that, and yes, I talked to my Doctor first. I have Psoriatic Arthritis, but not psoriasis, I know everything about me is confusing, I do however have very dry, fair skin. I was born with jet black hair is the strange thing. Most brunettes have olive skin, I can burn very badly if not careful, and the mosquitos just LOVE me!!! LOL!!! Now as the hair started turning white, i decided to color it, chose black, and scared myself to death, looked like the wicked witch! So through some trial and error, now I'm a dirty blonde!! Keep us talking Corinne! So glad to hear from you here, surely Mike and the entire site will be talking to you here, to lure you away from the chat room just a little, so we can all get to know you!

Yes, I get a rash. I have been told that it is associated with fibro. I take loratadine (benadryl) for it and have to have creams for it, such as fucibet (fusidic acid and betametasone) to keep it at bay. Neither get rid of it but they stop me scratching it too much. Speak with a doctor first though because it may be a nuisance with other meds.

The British National Formulary Volume 63 advises that it reacts with grapefruit juice.


Hi Corinne,
I have similar skin dryness and irritation. I found that using Vanicreme hypoallergenic products help as well as using perfume and dye free laundry products. I also use products like soap, shampoo, hair spray etc that are free of gluten as I’m allergic to gluten. I have rosacea as well and use several medicated products prescribed by the dermatologist. I hope that helped. :slight_smile:
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