So angry at fibromyalgia

I am so sick of having this chronic illness. I just want to be able to have one whole week of no pain. To able to be myself and enjoy my life. I am just so sad right now and am tired of having to smile. RANT OVER !!!


Hi, Sunny.
I often feel the same way. And, with my foot problems, I can’t even take a walk without worrying that I’m causing more pain.
It’s not easy to always smile, but, like you, I usually do. It’s like we are trying to “be” ourselves, when we’ve turned into someone else we can’t even recognize. And, it is okay to rant as often as we need to on this site. Just know that we are all in your corner.
Saying prayers that your spirits will be lifted and your pain will subside. :purple_heart:

Hello Sunny Ran as much as you want we all do it at one time or the other and we are all here to help each other through the rough times be kind to yourself rest as much as you can and remember we are here for you. Annette
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