Social Security Quality Review- has anyone else gone through this?

Hi I am 43 years old and I have applied for social security disability. I have worked since I have been 16 years, and only one year out of those 16 have I ever not worked, pain or not. I was unemployed for one year and actually took the time to go back to school and get a medical billing degree, and then now 5 years later I am disabled and not able to work- really sucks.

Anyways the reason for the topic. I have applied for social security in January. I was called on Monday by the finally reviewer of my case ( so I thought) and he had a few questions for me. I answered and asked him how much longer for this to be finished? He told me he would send the finally info to the office and now it should be really quick. I asked for information if it was approved or not. He told me that he could not say but that it looked really good and not to stress about it, or be on nails because he felt it looked really positive. I felt that meant that I would be getting approved. I was elated. He told me to call my office in a few days and get the offical information.

So I called yesterday and was told that my case was now being held by Quality review. I guess they look at it to make sure that employees did their job on the case and that they made they appropiate decision. What the heck? I mean why does this have to happen now? Has anyone else ahd this happen and what was the result? My attorney said that it sounds good on one respect because she has not seen cases that go through this that are denied, so she feels they awarded me, but she said this department can overturn that too and then I would have to appeal. Yicks so much stress.

Please tell me if this has happened to you. (((gentle hugs))) to you all dealing every day with this stupid illness that makes us all look like we are just crazy and wimps to pain.


Yes it was the same for me, I dont know a lot about it, I had the same call, after about 3weeks I got a letter saying I was ok on my medacal part and was looking at my non-med, after about 3 weeks was called in the off. and was app. on all. sorry about the spelling hard day.

sounds promising then? When did you get the approval? year? Approved right I am assuming that is what you meant rather then application.

Hi Christina. I don't have any personal knowledge on it but I hope you are approved. we all know how debilitating this illness is. But if your app is not approved, don't despair, guess it's not uncommon to have to appeal.

Do you mind my asking exactly what you said about being disabled? Reason is that I'm worrying I won't be able to work pt much longer. Also, if one is working pt does that disqualify them from applying?

I am sorry yes it is approved, I get my first check on the 3rd of july.

Thank GOD, Keith! From all that you've said, you desperately need it (not that others don't) so thank God the Gov. didn't muck with you.

Today I found out I was approved. I should be getting my first check in the mail any day. I started the process online in January and my attorney thought definietly I would be denied the first time- she said most are at my age unless it say end stage blah blah blah. She was wrong though. My attorney still gets 25 percent of the winnings even though she did nothing on the case for me at all. If I wouldn't have had an attorney set up though that is when I would have needed one. That is the way these things go.

One person asked me what I sent. All I can say is I kept with the same doctor for several years and have tried many treatments and I have not been ablr to do many because of allergic reactions. I have lost about 4 jobs now since 2006 due to illness and have records of reviews that I was a great employee but I was not able to be there.

I have not told my husband yet due to the fact that he was suppose to get a loan through his work for another bill of ours and I do not want him not getting it now since I have this money coming. He is the type to do that. I love him but sometimes he really does not understand what I am going through.

Anyways I won, yeah- Good luck to all of you that are trying.

Today is the day you should do your happy-dance(if possible) you get the check today! Congratulations