Sorry I've Been Missing Had a Set Back!

Well I don't post much but I read alot and there is so much info on these Discussions they have really helped me alot. Last week I was getting ready to go to bed. (which is during the day because i work at night) Well I had been in bed for about an hour when I thought I had to go potty. I went to the bath room, left there and my tummy felt sick, so I thought I would go get a piece of bread to settle my tummy. I got to the kitchen, stuck the bread in my mouth to hold it while i got a bottle of water out of the fridg. And thats the last thing I remember till I hit the floor in the kitchen. I sat up, relized something was wrong with my ankle. Put it this way my foot was pointing at the frig, and my leg was pointing at the sink. I crawled to the phone and called my hubby to come get me and take me to the ER. While sitting on the floor I called work and told them what had happened and that I would need a few days off. lol Well hubby got there and carried me out to the truck and took me to the ER thats about 45 min away. (thats were my ortho surgen is) They take my bp and its 89/45 (no wonder i felt like passing out) well they get me hooked up to an IV and try to get my bp up. Then they give me Morfine for the pain. Xrays tell of 3 broken bones and dislocated foot. They try to reset my foot. To much pain they give me another shot of Morfine. Still can't get my foot to relax and go back into location. They call my ortho surgen he comes and says that they will have to put me out to relocate my foot. The last thing i remember is the Dr. giving me a shot in the IV. Well this is what my hubby tells me: they had to give me another shot half way threw to finish because I was coming out of the anstisa (sp?) They asked my hubby if i had a drug problem because this stuff was not working on me. I'm so glad i was out because this really ticked me off. He told them about a year ago if you gave me any thing stronger than an advil it would knock me out. Now no pain meds seem to work. And its not because I take alot or any for that matter its because i'm in so much pain that nothing works on me. As of right now i'm in a temp cast till Wed. then they will do surgery on my ankle and put in 2 plates. Hubby has been so good helping me with all the work and everything around here. I'm stuck in my chair till I get ready to go to bed. When I get up I get faint feeling and sick. I've been working on getting my good leg stronger so that i don't have to have help getting up and down. Well thats about it for now. Hope everyone has a good week.

*hugs* I am really sorry to hear about the foot. I hope that you are feeling better soon and that the surgery goes without problems. Take care. Mikex

Big hugs. Hope you start feeling better. Sorry to hear about your foot. Try to take the time off to relax and enjoy life moving at a slower pace for the time being. Good luck.

Oh my goodness! I'm a newbie here but I'm sorry to hear of your accident. What a horror! I think we all can relate to something like this happening. Scary as shiz. I give you a LOT of credit for not freaking when it happened. I think I would. How are you doing today? I hope you've got enough meds to keep you comfy and they actually do work. Three breaks sounds pretty intensely painful. What are you doing to stay out of trouble and away from boredom?

I have to say, your husband's comment about you once being sensitive to even taking advil and now you need extra pain medicine rang a bell for me. During my last few dental visits the dentist has needed to give me extra shots of pain meds. I thought it might be due to recessive red head gene (my mom is one, and red heads are known for feeling pain more than non-reds) - never occurred to me that it could be illness. So thank you for clarifying this for me. It's good to know for future reference.

Take care and hope you have a comfortable night.

Sorry to hear that I hope you feel better you’re in my thoughts and prayers suzyq

Hey Petunia, please talk to Judy in Vermont about that recessive gene of the red heads, she has it, makes treatment very difficult!


Wow, what a trooper you are, girl! So sorry this had to happen to you!

Now let me ask you if you see a Rheumatologist, and ask that you do. Some things are so hard to diagnose, and are even missed in an ER when something like this happens.

What did they say caused the drop in BP and did they say if you broke your foot because you blacked out or if your ankle/foot gave out and the break made you pass out?

You are most fortuante you have a husband who is there for you, takes care of you, and stands up for you!


Wanted to say I’m so sorry that this happened to you! I wanted to ask about the blood pressure problem as I have had the same issue. Has the doc given you guidance on this? I had several bad falls myself. It is scary! I now take atenolol which regulates my blood pressure and I haven’t had any recent falls. It might be worth asking about. Take care and feel better soon!!

Hi Sandiekay,

Hope you are getting stronger by the day! Join back in when the time is right for you, we are all pulling for you!

Ok surgery went well. It turns out that there were only 2 broken bones. On the outside that bone was totally broken in half, on that bone they put a plate and screws. On the bone on the inside they put some screws in because it was not broken that bad. Surgery was suppost to go on around 11 Wed. but i did not have surgery till 3p got out to go home around 7p. Got home close to 8p and made it into the house and went to bed. I noticed that night that the incision sights burned alot. They gave me the same pain meds from when i came out of the ER. Which does not seem to work very well. Some times the pain and burning gets pretty intence. When i go from a laying down position to a standing up position my leg has some extream pain from Mid Calf to below the ankle. Which it takes a few mins for the pain to stop. I don't know what is going on with that. But the Dr. office did say the first 3 days would be the worst. I hope it gets better than this lol.

SK I do see a Rheum. Dr but i have just started seeing her. She is very good, she sees 3 of my other sisters, they all love her. I don't go back till July. They never did come up with a reason why I blacked out.

Sunflower I also take atenolol for bp issues. In Dec. I thought I may have been having a heart att. I spent the night in the hospital and when i got out i had an rx for atenolol. Its doing a good job of keeping my bp lower. But I don't know what happend.

All the best to you, Sandiekay! I hope that you get that ankle/foot healed up and have no further black-out problems, just make sure the records are sent to the Rheumatologist. What a shame that you all have to go to a Rheumy. Hopefully these genetic diseases will soon be a thing of the past. I know my grandmother and her mother and her mother and her mother were all humped backed, hunched and gnarled with Arthritis of some type, probably the same type I have Psoriatic. My great grandson was born with psoriasis, all of my grandkids have it...

OMG, please don't say that! But I'm the daughter of a red-head, maybe have a few highlights it really tough for reds to get treatment for Fibro? I know it's true for pain in general.

Hi Sandiekay. I hope some of that pain eases up for you. Broken bones sound awful enough, let alone with fibro added in. Is it possible for fibro to also affect the bone where it's broken? Or for the nerve pain to affect there?

I hope you and your doctor can figure out what caused you to pass out. And it's good that you're now on a BP medicine to regulate the BP. Let's hope that the medicine regulates your bp so this doesn't happen again, if it's bp related.

Hope you're feeling a lot better very soon!

Does a hump back or being hunched over = arthritis?

Oh shoot, SK, I'm sorry to hear that your grandkids and your grandson have psoriasis!!! What a curse. Let's hope the doctors make a break through soon, so these young peoples' lives aren't affected like ours are.