Surprised and happy

I am not a psychopath. The psychiatrist I saw was really nice and sympathetic about how pain can cause a lot of problems with how you view yourself as well as being, well, painful. I am going to be having a CBT approach to helping with psychological issues and he is going to chase up the pain clinic for me. Feeling very happy right now. Not self harmed for 14 days xx


It's nice to hear you say all of this from your own mouth. You are on your way to healing. Keep on keepin' on.


This is very good news, my friend! I think a pain clinic may be your best bet. Make sure to talk about your hypermobility! That can be underestimated!

Wising you continues success with being as well as you can!

Love and hugs,


Hi Mike,

Well done mate...been there myself over a number of years besides under psychiatric treatment and lately they wrote a letter to my GP saying i was of "SOUND PIECE OF MIND"...although they've still sent me an emergency card for 24hrs through the day.

The pain we go through can drag we down bad and i should know being a manic depressive for nearly 28yrs and it never gets no better.


Oh, Mike, if you're hypermobile on top of having fibro, no WONDER you're having so much pain! Yes, SK's right, a pain clinic is probably your best bet. You need some relief! My gosh, I'm sure you'll feel much much better even mentally once you've got the hypermobility issue sorted out and hopefully under control.

Good for you for taking all of these courageous steps. You've no place to go but up.

Stay strong, Mike. This'll work out for you.

Thank you all of you. I am feeling really proud right now still. I will mention everything to them at the pain clinic. I am worried that they will make me do more physio because the last time I did it made the hypermobility worse, my knees now bend 55degrees in the direction they are not meant to and they rotate in the socket too. I have hypermobility in a lot of joints but the knees are definitely the worst :frowning: xx

Well Mike at least it sounds like your getting somewhere which is always lovely to hear...stay positive minded mate, that's what it's all mainly bout.

Terri :)

YAY! I’m really happy now Mike and so proud of you my friend!

You have made my day with your news.

Tons of hugs to you, Peter and Rossi!!!