Aparently my new chiropractor is as good as he thinks he is. One visit to do traction and I can walk again. I love this I feel so tall again. I've gotten used to seeing the world from a sitting position. Anyways I just wanted to let everyone know the amazing news. I get to put my wheelchair away.

YAY that is awesome news!!! SO very happy for you!

Yay!!!!, you must be so happy... We are all very excited for you!!!!!!

Wow AWESOME news!! Really happy for you!! :)) Have a SUPER day. :D

;) won't be long I'll start my morning walks again! I've missed them. I'm trying to decide if I should get rid of the wheelchair or keep it just incase.

That's great. Those chiropractors can do wonders sometimes!

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you!!

That is simply amazing! Wow. He restores my faith in chiropractors. Congratulations to you, Katie! I know you were worried that your being wheel-chair bound could be long-term. I'm glad you've found a way to get out of it and walk again. That must be an absolutely amazing feeling!

I'd keep it, though, just in case you have days when you're tired, etc. If you find after many month that you don't need it, you can always kick it to the curb then.

Katie, I am so very happy to hear of your success! I am thrilled for you!

Now if you would like to be stunned and amazed the second time today, find a new member here, Tom Ockler who is a different kind of physical therapist, I have watched every one of his videos and I have NEVER seem anyone work with a dysfunction of the body as totally as this man, and I have been at this for seven years, wearing out laptops and traveling to teaching hospitals.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that he could have a student or colleague somewhere near me, because I will be there if I have to have my husband drive me for 5 minutes, and I get out and walk (limp, actually) in intervals to get there!

I wish you continued success!

Big hugs,


How are you doing today, Katie? How's your back? Here's hoping that you are stronger and better every day!

Hugs to you,


I'm doing okay I decided that it probably isn't time to throw the chair out yet. I kinda still need it to go shoping and anything that requires alot of walking. I just feel so awsome walking around. My chiro says that hopefully I'll be able to feel my feet in a couple days. If it doesn't start then it'll be a few years for the nerve to heal. Not that big a deal just makes balance a bit difficult. I've learned alot like when it's dark and you can't feel your feet it's really hard to stay on them.

anyways thanks for asking I've been just bursting over with joy lately.

Awww that is such good news! It's great to hear it especially afer your worst fears recently. As much as I can understand I can't totally imagine how much that means to you. We take walking for granted although its really painful. It must have made your life very restricted so it will be perfect for you to get the feeling of freedom again, and more independence too.

So pleased for you!

If I may ask, how did all this start,I mean for the last 4 weeks I have a very hard time walking pain in my hips and legs and numb and I too use a wheelchair when I go to the stores I can still walk but oh the pain so worry about this soft hugs to you

Hi again whated to say soooooooo glade for you wish my brain would work

I went to see a movie and when I tried to get up my knees were so weak I didn't know if I was going to support my weight. The next day my legs were just useless.

Baby steps Katie, it will come, you are on the way!

Welcome to the club ;) I'm lucky on that front I never could think so I didn't notice anything ;P I wonder sometimes if some of the fog isn't just the drugs they have me on.

Yes, exactly. SK's right, things take time and we oftentimes move in baby steps towards getting better. It's frustrating but little increments of change show we're moving forward.

You ladies are so right. It does take a while and a huge amount of effort to make these steps. But so worth it. It will make a huge difference to your life Katie.

Well Today was good and bad. I got to go to church even drove myself. I had a great time, but even that was overdoing it apparently. I had to get Dave to bring my wheelchair in tonight because my legs are so weak again. Of course I’m driving myself crazy thinking about what will happen If this chiro stops working. I’m just scared and don’t know what to do to make myself better.