Tonsils removed :O

In about 2 weeks I'ma get my tonsils removed, the doctor said I'ma be in alot of pain since my fibromyalgia but once the pain from the surgery goes away I will be sleeping like a baby & I won't have my kissing tonsils anymore. Any body have their tonsils removed, if so how was your expierence?

I am havering my tonsils out on the 11 th also. My doctor told me it will be the worst sore throat ever for about a week and my fibro will make it worse, but I defanatly thik it will be well worth it. Hope you don’t have too bad of a time. Good luck.

If sugar makes the throat burn there are lots of sugar free brands of pudding and also jello and yogurt. I was very young when mine got taken out because of my constant illnesses so I don’t recall it hurting that bad. But they say it hurts much less when you’re young.

Okay now I'm scared Lol. Thanks for giving me the heads up and giving me help on what to eat. I was already going to get all the sugar ice cream out there lol but ima avoid that :) Thank you once again. I hope everything goes good.

Ahh :/ well good luck to you :) Keep me updated on how it goes because yours is before mines.

Alrighty thank you :)

Ima try to stay away from sugary stuff. I hope I get lucky like you and don't have extreme pain.

I had them out when I was 20, last year. I was in agony and needed morphine for the day after and then beupranorphine for a week. It was so painful but at least now I do not have tonsil stones any more. One of my tonsils had a 40g tonsil stone (tonsilith) in it :( xx

Wow mike. That’s the whole reason I’m getting mine out too. Those things are sooooo annoying. I figure a week of pain (more pain in our cases) is defanatly worth it to have those stupid little things to finally go away.

I am so glad I am not the only one. Trust me you will find it worth it...also it gets rid of the coating that the stones leave on your tongue... and the bad taste and the bad breath lol xx

My Dad had them removed as an adult. It's harder for adults than children, because they heal so fast and bounce back so fast. He was fine on Tylenol (acetaminophen) but with fibro you might ask the Dr. sor something stronger for the first days at home. Make lots of jello, buy ice cream or sorbet, sherbet, pudding, popsicles, iced tea. The sugar may have bothered Ariestlt, but it might not bother anyone else. Ask your Dr. if you dare use ibuprofen, because it can cause bleeding. Best wishes to you. You'll be sore for about a week. Everyone is different. Yours may not be as bad as others who have replied here. Stay positive and hope for the best. Attitide DOES affect your pain level.

Blessings, Sheila

No not yet, they keep calling to pick a date but we always miss the call and when we call back they don't answer. It's annoying.

Fernanda and Rebecca, you are going to feel so much better once they are out! I was 5 years old when I had mine out, I do remember it, and I also remember how much better I felt, it ends a lot of illness!

Good luck! Be strong! We're all pulling for you, make sure Doc knows about the Fibro!

Hugs to you,


Hi Hun. I just got my tonsils out on Wednesday and surprisingly I don’t seam to be doing too bad. My fibro has defanatly stayed in check and my trio at is sore but it hasn’t been too bad at all. I am also having ear and jaw pain but nothing I can’t handle. If I am late taking my pain meds I defanatly know it cause it gets so much worse. I also think a combo of my fibro meds and my pain meds keeps making me fall asleep, but it’s good sleep. Hope yours goes alright. Keep me updated.

I had my tonsils removed when I was 47, quite elderly for this op. I had had constant throat infections for about 5 years previously and dr decided that this would be the ultimate cure. It was painful and this lasted about a week but then seemed to disappear quite quickly. Unfortunately it was not the answer to the throat infections but at least he tried to come up with a solution rather that just whipping out the prescription pad for another round of antibiotics.

Hi Fernanda, guess it's been about 2 weeks, we are all wishing you well, please join us again when you feel up to it.

Sending out best to you for a speedy recovery!

The FMS group

They kept changing the date, because the doctor had to go on "vacation"

But it will be on the thursday on the 26 for sure this time. But I wanted much sooner than that but it's not going to happen, I go back to school the next week after getting them removed, and I know I won't be able to get any rest. -_- We planned to get them removed since Feb. with the doctor for this summer so I won't feel bad for school but it's crazy how they must change everything, it's extremely unfair.

Ok so I got mine out a week from yesterday and was feeling fairly well, while my throat, ears and jaws hurt my fibro was in check. I missed a dose of my pain meds on Sunday morning and you defanatly don’t want to do that. All of a sudden on Monday morning I woke up in tons of pain it wasn’t even funny, I was crying and had to have my husband get my ice collar. The whole day was like that and thank god for my neighbor cause I don’t know what I would have done with my kids around. When my husband got home he called my doc and he said he didn’t know why my pain was doing that but wi my fibro all bets on pain are off. Tuesday wasn’t much better than Monday but I did manage to eat some soup. Around 5:30 I noticed this blood clot looking thing in the back of my throat and my pain got a ton better, then about an hour later I started tasting blood and noticed that it was bleeding. My hubby again called e doc and got the on call guy instead. He told me to gargle gently with ice water for 5 minutes and then call back. The ice water didnt do anything and it continued to bleed and when he finally got ahold of the doc again he told us to go to rr to be safe. We went to the rr at the hospital where it was done but they were so busy it was ridicules. So we went to another er. They yelled at me cause the docs I saw don’t got to that one but they would call them and take care of me. I waited for a while with a bag that I was spitting up blood in. When they came in to start I gaged on the clot that was hanging in my throat and I threw up a bunch of clots and blood, it was nasty. Then they had me gargle again and tried to suck out the clot. I thought they had gotten the thing I saw in the back but when I went to the bathroom I looked in the mirror and it was still there. They tried to use silver nitrate sticks to stop the blood but finally decided it was slow enough to leave it alone and send me home with directions to show up at my docs office at 9 the next morning.
Showed up and it was wenesday and he was in surgery all day. Told the receptionist what was going on, broke down in tears and she told me I could go through er there or come in the office tomarrow. I chose the office and went home rather upset. Later I got a call from the doc himself, which I though was very nice, he asked me what was going on and told me not to wait to come to his office and he would come down between surgeries to see me but it sounded like I needed to go to surgery again. He saw me and said that he himself would go to surgery and get it out or we could wait and it might break off in the middle of the night and then we would be in the same situation as the night before. H took me rot over to the hospital and I went to preop and then surgery. Under their clot he found like a bunch of bleeding vessels and had to burn them all closed. He said it was nothing I did just something that can happen. So I am home again and my throat hurts again but I am doing ok. They did tell me that you need 2 weeks of rest. I hope I didn’t scare you but I thought I would let you know just what had happened with me. Good luck hope yours goes without a hitch.

Ps between my pain meds and fibro meds and just not feeling good I have been falling asleep a ton

Dear Fernanda,

I see one positive here, that the Doctor will be rested to do your surgery. That is always a plus. My prayers will be with you.



Glad that you are now okay, Rebecca! Your body just needs time to rest and heal!

Wishing you well,