Tonsils removed :O

WOW I would have been so scared if I read this before getting the surgery. I got mines thursday and the pain the first two days was okay, I was thinking I could do whatever but once that 3rd day came woah! I can't explain what the feeling, it's HELL! I already lost 9 pounds these 4 days, and I'm already a very small girl. I'm unable to eat and drink ANYTHING, I felt so dehydrated I felt like fainting , i had a fever of 102, i felt like throwing up and not to mention I had the worst migraine i've ever had. My throat is killing me. & Last night I kept crying to my mom to take me the emergency room but she said it was normal just to get some water in my system, I can't talk at all so trying to explain to her the pain I was feeling from trying to swallow just water was hopeless. I ended up going to sleep last night, and she made me a doctors appointment that very next morning. The doctor said for having little water in my system I was very good but to keep trying, he gave me new medicine something way stronger and pills to numb my throat so I can eat and drink. He said my scabs were almost off and they are healing extremely fast and that's why I was feeling a lot of pain. I'm feeling better than before but honestly this was the worst pain I've ever been through! I'm sorry for everything you had to go through, it's crazy how doctors don't have time for there own patients some time, I mean you could have been in a worse situation (Thank God You Weren't) & they wouldn't be able to help you that same day. Its unbelievable! But Im so glad you're doing much better! I haven't thrown up or spit up any blood, it was just how bad my throat felt and the crazy symptoms I was getting. Well keep me updated on how you are feeling

Thank you very much :)

I had my surgery 4/5 days ago. & The pain is horrible! I'm guessing I feel this way because I am no longer a child so the recovery is much more painful and also my fibro. This is the worst pain I've felt, I can't say i regret it because I still don't know how it will help me but so far I hate it! Some people stories said it was whatever and some said it was painful and other said it was HORRIBLE. Well I know I can take pain and this is honestly HORRIBLE! My doctor said I'm healing extremely fast that everything is good not to worry but with this pain it's hard not to worry. I try to sleep all day but my mouth is full of saliva I have to be spitting it out, and the pain wakes me up. I am not dehydrated but it sure feels like it since I can't drink anything not to mention eat anything. I weighed 108 on thursday and now Im down to 98 pounds. I don't lose weight quickly so this is scaring me. I hope the pain goes away by next monday because it's my first day back to school :/

Dear Fernanda,

So glad it is over, it is a painful operation, but be glad you are healing fast, and other than the expected pain, all is well. I was 5 years old, but remember it well enough!

This will help you in the long run, you won't have the chronic infection to deal with now. Do your best to stay hydrated, popsicles are a favorite remedy for this. Hope that you continue to do so well, and if you have a problem, please do not hesitate to call the Doc!

Best to you,


Glad you are healing fast and I hope you feel way better soon. Once you are able to eat again the weight will come back so you don’t have to worry about that, just please try to stay hydrated, I think that is what made me feel so horrible. I feel much better now, now just my fibro to contend with. It still hurts a little when I yawn and it feels like something is stuck in the back of my throat but that changes day to day so I think I may have some more scabs coming off and that is what I am feeling. Best wishes to you and get better quickly.

Thinking of you today, hope you are feeling better, stronger by the day!

I am so much better now, well I see no difference on how I sleep but my sister says I don't snore at all anymore or move like crazy, so I mean thats good for them lol

Yawning and sneezing were HORRIBLE! I have bad algeries so sneezing was so painful each time, it's been almost a month and I still feel something when I yawn.

I just now read of your plight and OMG! I'm so sorry!!! I agree, you should have been told how painful it would be in advance. Of course, if you had been told, you might have chosen to NOT undergo the surgery. Are you still getting sore throats or is it done with?

Frankly, I had NO idea that tonsilectomies hurt like this. It's too bad it hadn't been done on you when you were a kid cause the pain sounded horrific. But thank goodness it's DONE and you now have a better future without those tonsils. And yes, I do think that fibro makes things hurt worse on us, even shots.

Glad you're doing better, Fernanda!

I had my tonsils out & sadly the surgeon didn’t do a very good job & I was in alot of pain & my throat was so swollen I couldn’t eat for 2 weeks & lost 15 lbs & they messed up my tastebuds (you have tastebuds then a protective layer over them they somehow removed the protective layer & my tastebuds are exposed & so sensitive! I cant eat spicy or citrusy food & it’s been over a year!)
Hope your surgery goes better!
-love & prayers