I having been having some real bad pain I think due to weather and stress. I see the rheumatologist in November ( that’s first available) . I just emailed PCP because tramadol is losing its effectiveness. I feel like a pain pill junky asking for something more even though I’m not, but without it my quality of life would suck more. How do u handle it?

Hello! I first saw a rheumatologist in March & this is all new for me. Most days I have to take tramadol to manage my pain at work. A bad flare pretty much means no real pain relief for me, either. Like you, I am trying to better manage my pain and it’s hard to do! My PCP recently changed my dosage for Cymbalta & has given me a prescription for a muscle relaxer-sometimes it helps. The rheumatologist also prescribed some of those pain relief patches that help when my pain keeps me from sleeping-I also have DDD & osteoarthritis in my spine & hips. I am allergic to NSAIDS so I can’t take pain killers for inflammation. I hope you can find something that will work & allow you to have a life while at the same time enable you to have a lot less pain.

Thanks guys!