What a year

Apologies for any TMI and thank you for those who are listening :heart:

Golly this year is already throwing medical bills and more unexplained symptoms at me!! The last two weeks I’ve topped up my B12, had an iron infusion, three blood tests and had an endoscopy done. I have to say I am proud of myself considering I have a complete fear of needles (mainly because of the extra pain I get from it and difficult veins) though I did go into shock for the first time, so that was interesting and scary. But my goodness I wish life would just give me a break!! I’m now thinking I need an iv for hydration as I am so run down, getting everyday migraines, and all my skin problems are arising again. This is all because of bloody diarrhea I’ve had since christmas and no one can give me answers. I can barely get out of bed and haven’t left the house all month apart from doctors appointments. I don’t know how much more I can take, i feel like life wants to see how far it can take me before i give up. My partner is helping me mentally but physically it’s so hard to feel like this 24/7. So much pain. Codeine isnt helping anymore for the overwhelming body pain and migraines, and my stash of endone is depleting. I hope I get answers soon. Wish me luck and who knows, maybe this time itll be something curable.

I hope you’re all having a much better year so far x


I feel your pain and understand
I was recently diagnosed with Colonic Intertia, when I looked the treatment it said removal of some or all of lung Intestines. So many pros & cons that ur head starts to spin?


Hi Rosellas! So sorry 2021 has started off this way. I’m confused as to how come the doctors haven’t found the source of bleeding. I’m assuming you had a colonoscopy? Do you know how low your hemoglobin and hematocrit are? They are part of a blood test I hope you had. I’m not a doctor but I use to be a nurse. A lot of your symptoms make me think those blood levels are low. Getting an iron infusion is one way to help but you might need a blood transfusion. Getting a blood transfusion isn’t as bad as it sounds. The blood is tested thoroughly when it is donated. I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Have you talked to your doctor within the past couple of days? If not, you might want to give him/ her a call. Here’s a tip. When you call, ask to speak with his/ her nurse. They will be your best advocate and get the message to your doctor. Are you able to drink fluids? Getting something with electrolytes will help. I can relate to wondering how much more can I take. I feel like that a lot too. I’ve started to look at the things I can and cannot control. I can’t control my fibromyalgia. I’m have more flare days than good days but I’m just trying to “ go with it”. I’m learning to listen to my body more and I’m trying to pace myself. In your case, you also have a medical condition which bears watching closely. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to not have an answer to your problem. I’m happy you are reaching out to us. We are here for you. Always remember that you have the option of getting a second opinion. When they did the endoscopy, did they do a colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy? Hang in there Rosellas! :hugs:


Hello, Rosellas I am sorry you are suffering too, so many other things like infections, etc turning up in people that the medical staff cannot find a cause for, I myself are just home from the hospital again after my fourth admittance since last October have had a slight heart attack this time and heartbeat far too fast and have been told by doctors this is my life from now on there is nothing hey can do to control it have tried some new medication to try help but so far no luck I am so weak I can hardly move about my house I thank god that I am a retired nurse and know how to go with the flow but it is so difficult and looks like I am going to have to move out of the house I live in and move to a smaller one .You hang in there we will get there and work out our own way of coping we can let of steam to each other on here although I am a lot older than you
probably old enough to be your Granny LOL…Take Care Janet Moderator for the site.


Hi Annette! I was wondering where you have been. I’m sorry to hear you were in the hospital again. The doctors don’t think a pacemaker would help your heart??? How is your son doing? I bet he was worried about you. I was worried about you. Sending you hugs! :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

Hey Freedom,
I had an upper endoscopy as a post surgery check from last year. They were supposed to take some biopsies but obviously didn’t read any of the notes from the ED that were sent to them and didn’t let me talk to the doctor beforehand.
The doctors haven’t mentioned hemoglobin or hematocrit so i’m not sure but I’ll ask my doctor tomorrow. I’m trying to drink as many fluids as I can but I’ve never been very good at that and feel like I can’t catch up at this point :confused:
I’ll be getting a colonoscopy asap so hopefully they can find something there - I know they’re looking for colitis or IBS at the moment.
I know I can’t control much at the moment and I’ve come to terms with it but it’s hard when you feel like you’re just surviving… So much chest pain today which I believe is my fibro giving me a big flare. Hurts to breathe. Sometimes I feel as though I should live in the hospital but they can’t do anything for people like us. :purple_heart:

Annette, I’m so sorry you’ve been going through all that. I can’t imagine having to deal with all of that on top of fibro myself :sweat: I hope you can find some meds that help at least somewhat. As far as age goes you probably could be my granny!! Though I feel I can connect more with people who are going through similar things rather than those who are close of age :heart:

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Lots of issues. My daughter lived with a nightmare of close to 20 yrs of Anemia. Even had a stomach surgery along the way. Too many doctors and they were baffled, she had iron infusions also, not a good way to live.

She came upon a homeopathic HGH gel about 2.5 yrs ago and about 1 yr of using it, the anemia all went away… She and her docs were stunned and the only thing she believes it is due to the HGH and how it works to reverse a lot of aging issues…

Now I just realized when I looked at my 2019 labs, my Ferritin was in a very very good place, it has always been low and I worked for some yrs to bring that up, and again it has to be the HGH gel we use, I’m using it 2 yrs next month.

The gel costs us about 4-5dollars a day but worth every penny for all it’s done for our health, especially my 57 yr old daughter.

And SLEEP, omg what great healing sleep.

If you want to know more, let me know.

I was told I have FM, and I know I live with OA but I take a lot of supplements and am overall healthy at 82.

Think about the HGH homeopathic gel, too many good results from using it…its rubbed into certain areas of our skin.

Hi there - glad to hear it’s seemd to have helped her so much, and perhaps you. Not sure how it works for you, but then for this kind of stuff it may be just trying and the so-called placebo-effect, which plain - helps.
I don’t want to spoil any benefit you’re having, but it’s always good for all of us to be on the watch for side effects…
So in a quick research what it’s about, I find to my dismay sites (incl. on youtube and facebook) that want to sell it at this high cost you’ve said, plus an in-depth article taking it apart. In very short: 1. It’s distributed mainly via MLM; 2. HGH is a controversial substance; 3. it is new, from the end 90s; 4. quite a lot of side effects seem reported.

The MLM (multilevel marketing) involved would explain the high cost. That has also lead to ugly battles “behind” the scenes. HGH is Human Growth Hormone, which is illegal without prescription, and that only for very few illnesses, like HIV, so people (first Howard Turney) looked for ways to get it all the same. The main? company, NUL, say they use “a “homeopathic” dilution of Somatropin, a synthetic form of HGH, as well as 18 “inactive” botanical ingredients.”

A bit of background from the pro-side, but as you can see from the name immediately it’s a selling site (a RN belonging to the “Live Young Club” :smirk_cat:):

Works in our lives and at 82 I’ve got a lot of my youth back, and this product is homeopathic (no pharma involved) and has about 5 herbals in the mix…

It’s worth every penny and I’d rather age with more youth and good health than frail and sickly,


Well, I do agree with you that something homeopathic, which should have hardly any of the original molecules in it, should always have less side effects than chemicals, at least from the standard scientific point of view. So I’m surprised that they are saying that there are side effects… That would in reverse conclusion mean that they come from a nocebo-effect, the “opposite” of placebo, in that it harms… :face_with_monocle:
From a homeopathic point of view there could be an initial worsening or just it’s the wrong substance for this person, as real classic homeopathy is not just taking a substance for a disease or symptom, but one which is decided upon by a real homeopath for the whole person, all symptoms considered.

What we are seeing is a lot of HGH companies are working to bad mouth this one we are using…every HGH company is trying to push their own…and some are made with a ot amino acids, and then there are the heavy duty injections that I would not do, I was offered them 20 yrs ago by an MD.

I probably use 5 homeopathics in my health regime and all with good success, two for cataract prevent and others for joint pain and sleep. I am 82 and have good eyes, no cataracts and if not for the joint damage from OA and hip replacement, I would not know what to do with myself…

How are you doing Rosellas? I had a colonoscopy and EGD today. Everything came back ok. What did your doctor say about your hemoglobin? Are you still having bleeding issues?? I sure hope you are feeling better. :hugs:


Hey JayCS! I don’t want to fry any of your brain cells, but have you researched how telomeres affect aging? I’m not going to say any more about that on this thread, but it is very interesting. :face_with_monocle::thinking:

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Nope. But let’s see if I can at least fry at moderate temp., without acrylnitril. :wink:
So yes, just scanned 6 article-abstracts & 1 article-conclusion from 2019 :-):
Does seem connected to the inflammation and mitochondria we’ve been talking about on the other thread, also perhaps to cardiovascular disease (which I have to watch out for a lot.)

Each time cells reproduce by division, telomeres are shortened, which has to do with aging & age-related disease. But it also stops tumor growth (Telomeres and aging, 2008)
Whether shortening of telomeres observed is cause, effect or both is not well established. Their length is also very individual. And it is very hard to measure, so studies will have to be better designed (Telomere Biology and Human Phenotype, 2019)
Same goes for cardiovascular disease: Telomere Length as Cardiovascular Aging Biomarker, 2018.
Telomere and its role in the aging pathways: telomere shortening, cell senescence and mitochondria dysfunction, 2018: They are connected, but that has yet to be studied further.
Exploiting the telomere machinery to put the brakes on inflamm-aging 2020: Making telomeres longer or delay shortening could delay inflammation and disease.
Telomeres, lifestyle, cancer, and aging from 2011: What we seem to be able to do is keep more healthy diets and activities.
Phew! - doing that. (However diet is something my rehab-doc the other day said does not make much difference to a lot conditions, tho, studies say, but: I have got my LDL-cholesterol down to a minimum by Mediterranean diet…, which he agreed is great).

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Hey Freedom, I’m glad your tests went well! My doctor says that my hemoglobin is normal, however I’m still having all the same issues and going downhill even more. I meet with a gastroenterologist on Friday to book my colonoscopy. I hope i can get in soon. Thanks for checking in :slight_smile:

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