What are you guys looking forward to in the coming weeks?

Hiya guys,

Just checkin in to see what you all are doing for the weekend and the coming weeks? Something fun I hope! I will be in the house doing homework this weekend (of course) but it's ok, I spent last weekend doing absolutely nothing but sitting on the sofa watching TV, I didn't crack not one book open. . . and it felt goooooooood!! : )

Today I painted my nails my fav color. . Revlon 917 Plum Seduction. . it's literally the best color pink in the world. I even indulged in a Big mac from McDonald's (GASP) haven't ate McD's in about 4 or 5 months but I CRAVED IT!!

I am excited for the 26th of this month as I am off to see my bestie, Nessa in Albuquerque, NM for the weekend!! Haven't seen her in about 2 years so this will be the ultimate Quality Girls Time and I am stoked for it guys, I need this vacation like no other!!!!

Next Tuesday night I am off to see singer Kimbra. . .WHOOT!! I'm going solo but she's too awesome to miss!! Then that Friday I am off to see Yelawolf (again) with my girl Lauren. . .this is going to be EPIC!! I love going to concerts. . .it's the one time I don't mind going out and being around drunk people.

I can tell you that I am NOT looking forward to this stupid Interpersonal Communication class group project. . .arrrgh don't they know by now that we ALL hate group projects? is it torture? can I prosecute them for it? hmmp. . . questions questions. . .??

and I guess the only other thing I am looking forward to this wkend is watching BOSS season finale tomorrow, Fringe's final season this season and on Sunday. . .Football in the morning, Dexter , The Mentalist and The Walking Dead season premiere at night!!! WHOOT!!! Oh yea. . .

So what are you looking forward to?

OOH, I'm a Walking Dead fan too! Feel like I could play an extra and not need any special make-up! ha!

Mo, I'm glad you are getting out and being YOUNG! There is nothing better than something you love to look forward to, and your time with your girlfriends will do you so much good!

Nice to know that you are feeling a little better, enough to have some fun!

Nothing great in my future!

I am also a fringe and a walking dead fan. Did you know that there is a walking dead comic book? It’s really good. I’m glad you are feeling better, it’s nice to hear. I am not looking forward to next weekend cause my hubby will be heading out of town for a few days and it makes life in general harder with my little ones. I might sound lame but I am looking forward and slightly nervous to go see a new pain doc who might help my back and on the 8th I am scared to go see a surgeon who will tell me if I need surgery now or maybe later and would rather both of those would just come a lot sooner cause I can’t stand the waiting. So glad you are doing better.