What is your best memory, pre Fibro or into it?

I think it's great to not always talk about the bad of this condition but the good of it as I do find that there is some good in life out of this.

I will start. . .My best memory with fibro as my teens is a whole different breed of story. .anywho my best memory is. . . .

Taking what my son calls "adventures" with him. We live by the national park which leads to hundreds of trails, has lakes, islands, hiking paths, etc. We would get up, eat breakfast, relax, head to the store and grab some goodies then go on an Adventure. We'd walk all around the parks, it literally takes one adventure or two per park or trails. We'll talk and laugh, sing songs, scare the deer, bird site, skip rocks and relax. I love that he loves it because I can be very unfun at home but those adventures makes me happy too. Sometimes we'd do none- nature adventures and got to the mall and get on the rides at the park. He has his favorite rollercoaster, the Pepsi one and the Brain Splurge which spins you round and round as you can control the up and down spin of your car. It hurts my head sometimes a lot but he loves it and so I deal with it. Then we get ice cream, some taco and go home. Some days we go see a movie, any movie. He's my movie buddy horror, action, comedy. . you name it. He told me the other day that he couldn't wait for us to go on another adventure. I told him we will this Saturday and whether I am in pain or not, we will because I need it just as much as he does.

What are yours?

Dancing. …i miss dancing…

Not ballet or anything like that…just getting all dolled up…going to a hopping bar with a live band…and dancing to every damn song…till you shut the olace down

HA I miss that too now I do it in my home while vacuuming. . with the drapes open. Somebody's got to see these moves : )

Wow…you vacuum? My hero :slight_smile:

haha yep with arm brace and all!!!

My happiest times are always of being with my son or one of my grandchildren. As tiring as they are, they are our most precious of gifts. We went on great adventures too! From fishing and camping to the theatre, shopping, trips, swimming, it was and is still the greatest of joys to me!

My happiest times are when I am outdoors doing some fun activity like swimming, boating, rafting, running, etc. I have always been such an active person and I miss it! Also, a soak in a hot tub with a good book and a glass of wine.

oh man . . .hot tub. I am so mad that the hot tub here will be closing once the cold air hit but man oh man. . sitting in it, with a book and bottle of cucumber water (ICE COLD). . .ahhhhhhhhh nice

Ballet, the feeling of flying and spinning through the air, almost weightless.

Today is my youngest grandsons birthday I guess my happiest memory is being at the birth of 2 of them My best times now are spending time with all 3 of them They all live on the property and i see them everyday but it is great when they come thru the door like they havent seen me in years

My favorite memory pre-Fibro is driving from way South to the Northeast in a cramped pick-up with my then new boyfriend whom I was madly in love with on our way to our first apartment together. I loved road trips then and now I just bear through them and keep in mind that time and just smile…:slight_smile:


I miss a ton of things that I used to do with ease, vacuuming is not one of them but I have say that I have still had great times even with the fibro. With out fibro I would never have started my own blog and I love blogging. My blog is about home improvement and thrifty decorating. It takes me forever to complete any project but I enjoy sharing it with others. Blogging has turned out to be excellent therapy and it keeps me learning which is not easy any more. I also would not have my three dogs if I had remained fibro-free. I try to keep an eye on the good things in life.