So I have finally spoken and shared my thoughts with my husband that I feel I may be needing to resign my position at my job. He’s truly amazing and so supportive. I’m truly blessed. He just wants me to do what I think is best for ME … He just wants me to feel better…


Bless him. How fortunate for you that he feels this way. It's a shame that things come to this point with fibro but they always seem to. Once you leave your job, you need to rest and take care of yourself. You won't be cured once you quit but you WILL be under less stress and that helps.

You are blessed to have that decision to make and the support. I am so worn out. I truly have a secret wish to be gone. It’s just all too much. I can’t chase my tail any longer. So much piling up. Can’t catch up. Overwhelming. Ugh. This can’t be what life is supposed to be. Soo lonely. Everyone wants stuff from me and I can’t even take care of me let alone them. Hoping tomorrow is a better day.

Jen, I’m so sorry you had to give up your job, however it’s also so wonderful that your husband is so supportive, so many don’t understand.

I dont have a husband, it’s just me and my son… He is 19 & as much as I have explained it to him, just today he said don’t you think your to young to not work… Ugh I’ll just keep trying to educate him

Hugs & blessings

Thanks … I want to rest and learn to manage my pain better. I’m so tired all the time just showering is exhausting … Just getting up for that matter. I’m freezing all the time. Moody. Irritable … Yes my husband is great but because I decided Its better that I NOT work he’s got it in his mind that it will give me more time to focus on volunteering in areas around community , church… How does he not understand I CAN’T WORK MUCH LESS VOLUNTEER ANYWHERE?? He gets it but then … Doesn’t?

I hope your tomorrow is better too… I understand I at times feel as if I’m about ready to have a meltdown. If I think it about too hard … I might

I just want to for a few minutes not feel pain… Will that ever be possible ?

Lol thanks for understanding… I needed to smile even though it hurt lol


OMG, I have a friend who's always trying to convince me to volunteer too. I guess in their minds, they want us to stay active and connected. They truly do not understand that we're sick, we hurt, and much of the time we want to sleep. And I'm not envying you the freezing feeling one bit.

Jen, my family is the same way. They get it and then they don't. My mother keeps asking when I'll be back to normal. She thinks if I use a product or a drug that I'll magically be fixed. My sister keeps pointing out Help Wanted signs for jobs I clearly can't do. It's a drag when they do this.

It sounds like you and your husband may need to have a talk about this topic before you quit. I'm not sure how to get people out of denial in regards to our illness. If you think of a way, please let me know.

Thanks so much. Your right he and I need to chat again. I’ll keep you posted. It’s amazing to me that what appears normal to others that which requires little or no real effort is most exhausting to me? We went grocery shopping for 30 minutes. Iv been lying in bed ever since? What used to be so easy has become and is becoming so much more yesterday. My hips are aching but my ankles are killing me so j can’t walk? Geez it’s almost so ridiculous ???

Oh KVH, I'm so sorry! This illness does bring us to such lows at times, doesn't it? And when you're overworked/stressed, it's easy to feel just as you do. I felt as you did when I was working full time. Are you still working? If so, can you possibly go to part time work? It's not a perfect solution but does help. Do you have a partner to help you? If not, another family member whom you could live with who could help you? If you have kids (forgive me for not remembering but my memory is mush) maybe it's time for them to pitch in and help you. It's not fair for you to feel this way! It isn't acceptable that you're so up against the wall that being gone seems like a better alternative.

It's good that you've applied for disability. It'll take some time but at some point you'll be able to relax a bit. Good idea for you to have applied. I'm crossing my fingers for you.

What do you have as a responsibility that's causing you the most grief? Maybe if we discuss it we can come up with a solution. Or a way to ease things for you a bit.

Hugs and sympathetic thoughts to you!


If that is your picture I see for your profile, you look very young so I'm sure this is a VERY difficult decision for you to make. I hope whatever you decide brings you relief. You are very lucky to have such a special man to look out for and support you! God bless both of you!

Gentle hugs!

Oh gosh, kids. They don't get it. To them, life is endless. They have no idea what true illness is unless they've gone through it. I guess that's why they are so optimistic. It's like they have built in blinders on, so they filter out things like illness, aging, mortality. Bless them, they are gifts to us but very, very naive on some things.

Thanks so much .

My dear, I think you have your answer! So thankful your hubby is supportive. And speaking from experience, we with fibro

usually push outselves to the limit, so...when we decide it is time to quit...we are way past time!! I have found not having

the normal stress of having to get myself ready to go each such a blessing.

Blessings your way and I know your needs will be met in more ways than one.



Yes I appreciate your response thanks so much

Hi! I gave up full time work 4 years back . My diagnosis came in after 15 years of suffering and working full time. My doctor said that I need to make lifestyle changes if I want to cope with fibro. Didn't listen to him and worked for 2 more years. Had a health break down and was forced to quit my job. As an aside, I have quit all my jobs because of health reasons.

I now volunteer for charities, working at my own pace. I feel lost without work. I am more aware of my aches and pains when I have nothing to do ( even though, I cannot do much). I struggle with this every day. I am blessed with a supportive spouse - but I feel that I am not pulling my weight enough in the marriage.

I hate it that I can't have a routine. I cannot predict my good days and bad days. There are days when I feel that I am just existing on a day to day basis.

And there is little I can do. When I am in a flare up, everything is difficult. Meeting friends is exhausting.. talking gives me a headache, television hurts my eyes and ears, reading is difficult as I keep reading the same lines over and over again without figuring out the plot..

What the hell is one supposed to do??

Well, my mom is in her 80s so my days of getting livid at her are over. I try to point out that it's an ongoing illness. She doesn't really get it. But at other times she tries her hardest to be supportive. She honestly thinks that there's a miracle cure out there waiting for me and then everything will be all better.

My sister, however, does occasionally drive me crazy about nagging me to get another job. SHE had LYME DISEASE this summer so SHE should understand, even a wee bit, how we feel! I swear sometimes that it's like talking to a brick.

I like your response to others. If I can REMEMBER it, I'll use it. Thank you!