Worse pain when it's windy?

Hey everyone! So I live in the Midwest and it gets really windy on occasion, today is one of those days where it is pretty much howling outside. My sharp pain isn't as bad but numb pain is TERRIBLE (if that makes sense) like my whole body is achy and I don't want anyone or anything to touch me. Does anyone else experience more intense pain or fatigue when its very windy outside or is it just me? Thoughts and suggestions are definitely welcome!

Blessing and prayers

I have spoken to family members about this & we all agree that it is the barometer pressure.

Definitely agree about barometric pressure, it's just strange how the wind affects me the worst - sometimes even over snowy weather. My joints hurt more, but above everything else I notice that I get extremely fatigued.

I went to my son's baseball game last night and it was very windy and cloudy. I tried to bundle up -wool coat layers of shirts and sweater and a little blanket and today I was in horrible pain. Every joint hurt and I could barely stand. Just to get through the day I took 600 mg of advil and 50mg of tramadol.

Those of us with Fibro that live in the midwest I swear are some sort of extra tough! Our weather flip flops every other hour and it never makes for an easy day. That wind cuts me to the bone! It definitely affects me as well so you are not alone.

I keep wondering if it has more to do with barometric change, that's when my body personally seems to ache the worst. I am sorry I am not alone in this but I am grateful we all have a place to compare notes and share suggestions. Hope you all feel better!

Blessings and prayers