Burning sensations

Does anybody experience burning sensations

in their calves & bottom of feet? It's driving me

nuts & I can't seem to find a solution to stop

the burning. Any ideas?

I get something like that...I was always told its because I'm dehydrating. So I started drinking more water and it has helped.

That's interesting because I drink sooo much water & juices and yet the burning persists.

It's especially bad at night while I am in bed and my Dr. told me to rub ice packs on the

areas. I must say that putting ice packs on....is VERY uncomfortable. If I drink any MORE fluids,

I will have to resort to wearing Depends.

My Cymbalta helps with that…hope you find something that helps you…seems everyday there is always something new to deal with.

Thanks for this..my Dr. has given me some trial samples to try but I haven't used any as of

yet...reason being that I've heard there is some bad side effects. Have you experienced

any bad side effects yourself from Cymbalta? If so..what kind? Yes...everyday it really does

feel like yet another symptom of FM to deal with. One does grow weary of it all.....

Hi Geranium, I have burning on the bottom of my feet and the palms of my hands everyday. So for nothing helps me but my Mom uses Asprercream it it seems to help her. Let me know if you come across anything else that works. Thanks

My worse areas for burning are my thighs and my neck. My neck feels like it is constantly on fire, its horrible. Yet at the same time I feel cold everywhere else. it can get so bad on my legs i cant even bear my trousers rubbing on them, but its that cold over here at the moment, I cant walk round in anything but trousers (-2 today forecast -11 this weekend). At least my neck will be warm......


No burning calves, but I do have pains in the bottoms of my feet and the palms of my hands. I don't think I would describe it as burning, but more like hot and pokey sensations that make it difficult to walk and use my hands.

This seems to be common with Fibro, at least that is what my Pain Management Doctor states. He states that the root is nerve related. Hope this helps.

I do not so much experience burning and tingling in my calves, but certainly in my palms and the bottoms of my feet. My only quick fix for this, and it is only temporary, is to run my hands and feet under freezing cold water until the burning sensation begins to fade.

yes I have all of this as well. from palms to thighs, calves, shins,etc. I end up taking tramadol to take the pain away. it’s an aggravating shitty feeling. today I was not able to do so much bcuzI had the burning also in my forearms and legs, plus a migraine. not a fun day. sorry you’re experiencing this burning. God bless everyone


I know this will sound crazy…but I used to have burning and pain on the soles of my feet and sometimes on my palms…My doc found that I was full of candida…among other bacterias. Once I started taking antifungals, I have had no more burning or pain in my feet. It’s a simple blood test…some docs are not receptive for testing for it, but good lord, its worth trying!!!


I see a lot of responses to your problem from so many people with the same issues. I too have extreme pain on the bottom of my feet, and shins, and calves, in both legs. This has gone on for a month now. Tramadol usually helps, and is helping a little tonight. But strangely, it took 4 hours to help at all. Usually the Tramadol works in about 30 minutes. And I took 2, which I never do, but they did nothing for 4 hours, and now working. Very strange. Your symptoms are similar to mine, and I wish I had a better answer for both of us, and the other people who have this common Fibro problem. The Tramadol is a prescription pain killer and usually works.


Bananas or potassium may help in calves. I’m no dr. Burning in feet can be neuropathy. I’d see the dr. Sorry. Hugs.

I have very severe burning/numb feeling in calves and feet and wear merino wool socks year round. Also have many crushing pains in bones of feet and calves. My feet feel many degrees colder than other people but docs don’t want to deal with such wacky symptoms IMO.

Hi Capefibro- There are many doctors who will listen and try and help you. You need
a new Doctor. Don’t deal with doctors who don’t want to deal.


I also take LDN…it has helped so much with my fatigue! It’s only been about a month that I have been on it but there is a noticeable difference.


Hi Geranium. I had prickly, burning in the bottoms of my feet early on in my fibro diagnosis. I also had the awful foot pain when standing in the morning. I also have one foot and calf that is usually freezing because of nerve damage after back surgery. Sounds weird that the hot and the freezing could live in the same foot, but they did. Anyway, after I started taking Lyrica in '08 the burning pain went away. Yes, I did gain a little weight in the beginning, but it's all off now.

I know, this is very annoying and painful. The last thing you need is something keeping you awake at night. I hope you get some relief from it soon.


Well LKitty...I am a long time fibro sufferer but only diagnosed apprx 5yrs ago and the burning sensations in bottom of feet has been happening for at least 6 months now. Weird that it happens at night when I go to bed but doesn't seem to be present when I'm up (UP is rare though...grrr) I can't take Lyrica, Cymbalta and a host of other meds that I note other FM people take.

Tricky--I've been tested for neuropathy & diabetes....nope, neither is the problem. My Dr. suggests that the problem comes from poor circulation due to me not walking enough. How can 'we' walk a fair distance when always in pain and/or severe fatigue.

What a dreadful merry-go-round.


Hey girlfriend! I have that in my neck and upper left leg, mine is nerve related. In the neck, it's from several discs collapsed on one side, in the left leg, it's Sciatica from a disc hitting the Sciatic nerve. I take Lyrica, it helps somewhat.

My MDs and my DC both tell me it's from nerve irritation. OTC Sports Crème help too, I tried the Volteren Gel, and it only increased the irritation. Lets see if I can show you what it looks like, it was originally advertised by 'Broadway Joe'! It works very well for me, you cannot use it with a heating pad though!


Just be sure to check with your Doctor or Pharmacist, make sure it doesn't clash with anything you are taking!

Hope this helps you to feel a bit better!

I get that pain and Taking Neurontin 300mg 3X's a day with partial relief, but still have the problem, just not as bad. I've also adopted the old wives tale of putting a bar of soap under my sheet. Walking makes it worse, but then so does sitting.

Others have said to eat a banana to increase potassium. Good luck!