Can someone please turn down the heat? Please?

Boston is having a terrible heatwave. I have never felt as bad as I have this last week since i was diagnosed. My body is killing me and I am dragging barely lifting my feet off the ground! Even the Winter didn’t take the life out of me the way this heat is doing. Ugh.

How is everyone else doing in the heat?


Hi BaltimoreBaby,

I'm sorry to hear you are having so bad. This heat is horrible! I'm not doing too bad unless I have to leave the house. Even if it's only going to the car and back a couple times and in a/c most of the time all I do the next day is sleep. There is no keeping awake for more than an hour or two at a time. The fibro fog and pain are also worse then normal. I just keep praying for a break in the heat.

I hope you get some relief soon. Try to stay as cool as you can.

Gentle hugs,

Dottie S

Hi Balt Baby!

I am fortunate that I don't have to go out in it much, I can stay inside in the cool, although cold air blowing over me is not the best either. If I have the right airflow, I try to get air from an adjoining room, so it's not as strong.

I even waited until midnight to go for a few groceries the other night, as luckily it does cool a bit at night, though that is not the usual here in MD.

It has not rained here, everything is dry, seems we don't get just rain, everything come as a severe storm, and I hear the sky rumbling now, feel the barometric pressure drop as it has been doing, but no rain...

Hope you can find some relief, I understand your sensitivity to extreme weather, I suffer from it too. It is so hot and humid lately, it just instantly drains you of all strength and any resilience we may have.

Sending a big hug girlfriend,


Hi SK Hon!! :wink: Glad you are keeping cool. Sure do miss everyone here… saving for a new laptop as mine is dead and using smartphone to post is difficult. I should be back on the proverbial grid soon though!

And thanks everyone for sympathizing. Someone up there must’ve heard my cries too as it looks like tomorrow temps here will be a lot cooler. Whew.

Love to all,


A wet rag wrung out and tossed aside is a perfect analogy! Can’t wait 'til Fall in Boston!

So good to hear from you, I have REALLY missed you!!!