Dating and FMS

I've been divorced for 6 years now. In hind site I now see a lot of the things going on in my failed marriage had to do with the start of the symptoms of FMS. I had yet to have a diagnosis, and my ex just thought I was being a pain and didn't understand - and I didn't either.

Anyway, here I sit, at 56 years old, and I'm tired of being alone. But, being on SSDI who would want someone like me that has little income, never knows when I'm going to be off my feet and - truth be told, can be tired and irritable when in a flair up. The other thing is I don't drink so I don't hang in bars, no way to meet someone on the job, so where do I meet someone ? On the internet ? Kind of scares me.

It's bad enough going through this, but worse doing it alone. Anyone have advise that makes sense ? Is anyone else in the same position ?

Thank you all for being there. This is really a great group of people.

I feel ya....I am only 30 but divorced and can now see that many of my issues in my marriage were also fibro. I was always tired, always in a bad mood, never wanted to go out and do anything. Yes, all those things were true, but I also was married to someone who didn't really take his vows seriously. Dating can be difficult at times with fibro but it is possible. I have found that the online dating sites are great. There are some that you have to pay for and some that you don't. It puts you in control without having to just hang out in a bar or something.

I usually don't mention the fibro until I am a few dates in with someone. Many people get scared and don't understand. BUT again, if someone isn't willing to accept you for you then they just aren't worth my book that is. :)

Hi Michelle - When reading your story - I thought it was about me!! Gone through the same thing you have. I can't give you advice on meeting someone, but I do sympathize with you in regards to your marriage. Foolishly, I stayed with my husband for 28 years. I take full responsibility for not having left him much sooner. During my marriage, my ex-husband turned out to be an entirely different person that I didn't appreciate. He put me down, tore me apart, ridiculed me, had affairs, and so on. When I entered into the marriage I was very healthy - took no meds, accept an occasional aspirin for headaches, and that was it. As the years went on, I developed high blood pressure, essential tremors of the hands and head, Fibro, Ankylosing spondilytis (arthritis of the spine), and migraines. I still have all the ailments to this day - but are controlled with meds. This gives you an idea, Michelle, of what prolonged stress can do to the body. It's amazing, isn't' it?? As far as the internet, in the possibility of meeting someone, I personally would never do it. I have two wonderful friends who are widows and they told me they were going to try to fine a nice man on a website. It was a very reputable site, as well. Both my friends got into serious trouble for going on the site. One of my friends went through 3 meetings with 3 different men to see if she could pick out someone. Well, she picked the second guy, and on their 4th real date, she was hit and kicked and (I'm sorry but I have to be truthful) raped 3 times. She and I worked diligently for several months to track down this monster, and now he's in jail, with possible parole 15 years. My second friend had things stolen from her home (small items, like jewelry). Unfortunately we were not able to pursue the guy. He just simply disappeared. I know it's hard being alone. But, please!! Be careful about going on the internet. Just be very aware of pursuing this idea! Ok?? Hugs!! Laurie