Dating with Fibro

Hmmm, I'm not much with words at typing so please bare with me.

I use to have someone who understood what I am dealing with and was helpful. We have since parted ways. I have a on my own for over two years now. It is becoming more difficult to deal with this on my own. I am feeling the loneliness hard. I have never been one to be comfortable at dealing with woman with out a little help. This was even before the fibro made my life even harder. Now its just Nye imposable for me now. I don't get around well. I'm broke as all heck. I have to rely on public transportation. I'm unemployed and fighting for disability (for almost 4 years now). So getting out in the world is very challenging. Even if I could I would have no idea what to do (It's not like I'm going out dancing). Online dating is an absolute joke, well for me anyhow. Without any money, free dating websites offer so little. Not sure if the high expense would be worth it anyhow, and of course the admittance of a disability does not go over well with most women it seems.

I have no idea what to do, what I can do. So please any advice or tips from anyone would be helpful.

The best advice I can give you is to volunteer or join some kind of social group where you would meet kind, like-minded people. It will be easier if you think not about trying to get a date but trying to make some friends. Dating these days mostly seems to begin with Starbucks. Or meeting in the park. Just make it as simple as possible. Do the activities you like, and see who else shows up.

Hello Homadais,

I can only echo what dancermom said really. Try to join groups doing things you enjoy, make friends, see whwere it leads. Volunteering if you are able will put you in touch with a wider variety of people.

I know it is hard to meet someone who can take on someone with Fibro, but keep positive and you never know when the right person might come along.

Take care, Anne

I want to give u some hope so ill tell u how I met my husband I was on bebo which had a date site on it and then (5yrs ago) u didn’t have to pay so was easier but we started talking I told him about my illness and my past about me as day to day person rather than putting a face on for everyone which I normally do I never with Paul beat thing I ever done was tbh up front about my illness we now married 2yr in April and he never complains ever he done his own research into fibro and understands well there is someone for everyone hope u find the rite one hugs x

Hi Homadais, I have made friends thru volunteering at local places so I can say that is a great place to start. Also, some communities have a lot of community events or weekly activities (many are free where I live) so if you find something you like or interests you that would be a place to start as well to find people with similar interests.

hi Homadais

great advice from the others..



I appreciate all the advice that every one has given. Though the volunteering ideas is a great idea I'm not sure what I can do. I'm not trying to be combative, or argumentative. It's just something I am still struggling with I am having to kinda re-event myself. Everything I have loved to you over the years has been mad damn near imposable by the complications of the Fribo, and sensory nerve overload. So I'm still tying to find my limitations in my realm of interests. There are some organizations I am associated with but the times they meet the buses don't cooperate. It's ongoing frustration that will not be solved soon.

I know my options are limited right now. I was hoping that others that might be going through similar issues or have been through this might have any advice.

Yes I get what u r saying it’s so hard to go out and keep appointments without trying to date I feel for u the only thing I can say is however u start to look be safe and be happy with yourself get to know your new likes what u can do what u can’t that’s the hardest part of this illnesses for me keep your chin up never give up hugs x

Hi Homadais. Although this site is not a dating site, there are many people here that will understand what you are going through. You can find some great friends here and maybe even someone local that is willing to meet you. Maybe there is someone here, a wonderful woman, just waiting for a guy that understands (like you)? You never know. Another idea is if you can catch a ride with another person going to the same event. Share a taxi or van ride? I am not as limited as you (yet, hopefully never), but it does take time and patience to find another person to understand. Keep trying. I have found a lot of great people here, through discussions and the chat room. Its a great place to start finding good people. Good luck.

I was not trying to use this a dating site. Just looking for advice from others who may be or have been through similar difficulties in this particular area. This is all relatively new to me. I am having trouble adjusting to the changes in my life that this has brought. I'm a intelligent and highly analytical guy. However this is the one area in life I flounder terribly.

I do appreciate ever ones thoughts and advice. Thank you