Lonely lately

I have been single now for almost 3 years after a terrible relationship that literally knocked me down to nothing. I am ready to love again and want companionship. It just seems so very difficult to find understanding people when it comes to fibro relationships.

Dear Alycia

Rather than thinking of a longstanding relationship why not just relax and look for a male friend to do things with. Because you have fibro means that the other person also has to be careful because fibro is a complex and complicated syndrome. Sometimes we don't even understand it ourself. But don't settle for second best and don't look too far into the future. Look for someone you enjoy doing things with. If you stress yourself then you are going to be in pain so don't put pressure on yourself and every man you go out with. Be selective. I would be careful as to the timing for informing them about your fibro.

Relax and have fun.

Love and gentle hugs


It is really hard... But once you find that person who accepts you despite your Fibro, hang onto him, and don't ever let him go.

Hi Alycia,

You're a pretty young gal. I hope that you can meet up with that special guy, and magic happens. I hope that he is very compassionate and caring. I'm not sure where to meet them, I guess most people are meeting online these days. At least that way you know if there is a connection before meeting them in person. Surely there are a lot of them to weed through, but it may be fun, if you can just keep it fun!

How are you doing today? hang in there when the time is right MR right will be at your door step. What Iam learning is it’s ok if in the end I end up alone because I rather be alone then just settle to say I have someone because you can have a husband ,boyfriend etc in ur life who doesn’t understand or care to .Then you still feel alone. Learn to find peace within yourself an to love yourself which I have a very hard time doing an work on it every day Hugs Melissa

yes, I am not afraid to be alone. I have been most of my life. I am an only child, was married and divorced in just a few years. I would just prefer to meet someone that is compassionate/understanding. I am taking my life as my own and would definitely be just fine without anyone.....I think I was just venting. :) There are sometimes at night when I lose faith in MANkind. Haha.

You mentioned being cautious regarding the timing of telling someone about FM. I have been on my own for 3 years now following my second divorce. Dating has been touch and go but now that I have my diagnosis I am unsure of how to adjust my dating life. I had one guy end our relationship, I guess it was too much for him, I am grateful it happened when it did though. This week I went on a first date with someone and wasn't expecting to but I like him. In addition, his and my daughter are best friends. So....how soon do I mention this?

Dear Mel

What insight you showed in your response. You are learning how important it is to learn to love yourself before looking for someone to love you.

I admire you Mel because you have been through a lot. But you are coming through it with added strength and insight. That is important.

Love and gentle hugs


HI Cherish! Nice to hear from you! What;s new and exciting with you these days?

There's almost always someone on line if you are having a difficult moment, Alycia! Sometimes one of these characters will even make you laugh!

There is a lot of truth to that! Just like what RuPaul says... "How in the hell are you going to love someone else if you don't love yourself?"

I LOVE that! I'm in my early 20's and I'm at a point in my life where everyone around me is dating and going out and "hooking up" with people and I feel like an outcast because I'd much rather stay at home and be with my best friends where I can be relaxed. It's hard finding a guy in college who can understand this disease! I had a boyfriend about two years ago who was really sweet and when I told him about my disease I was so scared he'd run away and was relieved that he instead went online to learn as much as he could (even learned how to massage someone with fibro without hurting them). But when it came down to how much we went out versus how much I'd rather stay in, it broke us up. I tried so hard to push myself to go out and spend time with his friends and my friends but in the end I was changing myself for a relationship and causing flare-ups that I knew I could've avoided and it wasn't worth it. I pray, like you guys have said, to find someone who accepts me for me and loves me whether i'm out on the town or cuddled on the couch.

Good luck, alycia!