DRACO, Who is in this terrible snow storm?

Though we are not in the snow storm, we are getting the high winds and strong rains off of it now. This is almost the wind strength of Sandy blowing through here! Hope we don't get flooded again! UGH!! Who is affected by this big snow storm?

BTW 40 mph winds is a breeze to us!

Oh no my son just told me he is driving to Detroit this weekend to see the Falcons play the Lions, ( I think it’s the lions) is that where the storm is ?
I’m so glad I saw this going to try to get him not to go, we are in buffalo, and he is a young driver, I better watch the news
Thanks for sharing this
Hugs & prayers my son didn’t by the tickets yet
Hockeymom, I hope you get your power back soon, Iv been there its stinks, god bless &
Stay warm !!!

Stay safe, stay in if you can, bundle up! Hope all power is restored very quickly!