'frankenstorm' on the way!

The perfect storm is on the way, expected to slam the eastern seaboard. This is a hurricane (Sandy) meeting an arctic blast & a jet stream! Heavy rains, flooding, high winds, possible snow, coastal beach erosion, massive power outages are predicted!

Most of our mods are here in this area, I am in MD, Renie and dee are in NY, Petunia is in MA, Gianna is in VA, Robin is in FL, and JC is on the Jersey shore!

Know where your batteries, blankets, extra water are, candles, flashlights, gasoline for the generator, gas for your grills. Get ready and hang on to your hats!

Should we loose power/internet, please know we will be back on as soon as possible!

Stay safe!

Hi SK ( and everyone else in the NE)

I was looking at the storm news as my sister flew through Miami today and it looks horrendous. I hope you have all evacuated somewhere safe if necessary. Please be careful and don’t take any chances. Stay safe!


This is expected to go as far inland as OHIO, so unless we head to the west, there is not much avoiding it! We just had the long awaited section of roof replaced that was leaking, new rain gutters there, and had the falling down car port torn down, they told my husband that it was being held up by the caulking! ha! So glad that is done!

$1 Billion in damage is expected! ugh!

Of course you just had all that work done. LOL. I hope the storm doesn’t destroy it. O course, you could have saved money on getting the carport torn down if you had waited and let the storm do it. LOL. I have a wicked and warped mind. Anyway, seriously, stay safe!

Yes, we could have, but since we just paid off my car, and truck is also paid off, we thought we'd save them! ha! It could have ended up through someone's picture window or down on the highway! That was so over due to be gone, it made the kitchen and dining room so dark anyway!

We'll most likely get the sheer winds and tornado spin offs. We live in an area surrounded by mountains, we get high winds all the time, a 40 mph wind is a breeze here. At one time I was determined to have a wind mill, but we don't have enough land for one.

Hey, twisted and warped minds think alike! That's how we're friends! ha!

Hi SK,

We live in Bethany Beach, DE. We are watching this storm very close! It doesn't look good so far. We spent yesterday and today bringing in everything in from outside. We are hoping it does not intensify before it makes landfall.

Now heading out to buy food, candles and gas! I may have waited too long to buy bread and milk. lol

Hope all is well with you.

Hugs, Tina

Good idea--thank you

Folks I’m a survivor of Hurricane Katrina ! Praying it doesn’t grow to be like her…

We have been out on the round up too! Everything outside turns into missles! I learned that living in FL! I have already started to fill watering cans, buckets, pitchers, tea pots, with water. The buckets of water are to flush the toliet. Oh course my husband is telling me I'm too early, but when I wait on him I'm left with no water!

Yes LaDonna we too are praying!

Oh, thank heavens your roof replacement is on! And the rain gutters. And the car port torn down.

I truly hope this storm fizzles out into just a little rainstorm. But if not, please everyone, BE SAFE! And stay off the streets after the storm passes because power lines can be down without being visible. And traffic lights can also be out, leaving it difficult to cross unsafe intersections.

Yeah,from what I've seen, you're area is right around landfall...of course, that can change at the very last minute. Hurricanes are notoriously persnickity!

Good idea getting all of that loose stuff inside. And getting the candles, etc. I still need to pick up a few more things along this line.

Also, it might be a good idea for folks to gas up, in case you can't get gas after the storm if the storm is very bad

Yes, this is a good idea, you can even fill the bathtub with water. I think I'll do as you're doing. I didn't even think about the toilet not working if the power goes out. Ewwww! Definitely gotta get more water!

And you just reminded me, I think there are a few loose bricks outside that need to be moved.

Might have to relocate the cars too as the area around our garage flooded in the past.

Thanks for the heads up!

Thank you, LaDonna. And I'm truly sorry you went through that! Lived through a small one in Florida, and only saw the tv pics of Katrina but it looked like Armageddon. I admire you for surviving it and thriving after it.

Who knows who is gonna get this monster, I hope it turns back around, but it seems it comes in on the tide. Our local weather swears we are the area where the eye will hit, but everyone's hometown news anywhere on the eastern seaboard is probably saying that for ratings! Big advertisiing campaigns go on when big storms are on the way.

The heavy rains are to start here on Sunday, we have the boys, hope we can get them home in time! Of course they would not mind staying! Everyone seems to have a different time span and area of land fall. Anyway, I'll have some help clearing out the bedroom where the ceiling and walls are still to come down in. They like to earn money! The oldest one is already making plans to play board games and little cars and army men by candle light! ha! That was on my mind too, you know! HA!

You hold on Tina and LaDonna. There will be a lot of praying going on soon!

I know you are right on the shore!!! Please don't wait too long to go, the roads get so clogged up it's insane! I know the last thing you want to do is leave home, but please be as safe as you possibly can!

It must be on the way, barometric pressure must be dropping, my body is just killing me, and it was shot day, which ususally means a good night. Renie said hers was killing her earlier, mine didn't hit me until an hour or 2 ago. I have 2 kids here and NO SLEEP! I can hardly wait to hear them awake! ha!

I am in Austalia. I’m praying that y’all are safe. My thoughts are with you. God bless. Sally

Thoughts and prayers are with all of you - stay safe. Don’t overdo it getting stuff ready - ask for help if you can. The weather alone will probably flare you up, but over exerting yourselves will surely be a cause…that and the stress of knowing it may be coming! Sorry for sounding like a mother hen - I’m sure you all know the ropes!

Praying for everyone that loves near there. Also please pray for my sister and brother in law. They just moved to North Carolina literally 2 days ago they got stationed at Camp Lejuene and there housing isn’t done being built yet so they are in a hotel off base. My sister is very newly pregnant and they both have lived in Southern California there whole lives! She is very nervous and hasn’t felt good at all the past 3 days! We’re very nervous for her!
Thanks everyone,

I live near the coast in virginia. The stores were crazy yesterday. We got our 'instant' foods, candles and gas. We are eating up the freezer foods in the next day or so just in case. But it looks like the storm will go the farther north route which is good for us but bad for some of you. They said it actually intensified some a few hours ago but as it hits cooler waters it should slow down some. I don't think the wind speeds in and of themselves is as much of a problem as the fact that the storm is just so huge and taking so long to go by.

They showed the low pressure system with it this morning and that it would even be here through Wednesday! I hope it doesn't make me too sick.

I hope everyone stays safe and try to be low stress! Stress makes us hurt! Think of it as an adventure and know that everything will be ok if you take care and follow the advice for your area. Try to get prepared without being overly worried.