Our JC is still in a Red Cross shelter in NJ

JC's town was one of the worst area's hit by hurricane Sandy. Scott had word from a Red Cross worker in NJ that he is still in a shelter and his medical needs are being taken care of by EMT's. His town of Seaside Heights was one of the worst hit. Here is the latest video


Our good thoughts and prayers are with JC and everyone who has suffered from this hurricane.

Thanks SK for sharing this news. I know we have all been worried about John and glad that Scott was able to find him. I'll keep John in my thoughts and prayers as I'm sure everyone else will. Lots of love and hugs John coming your way.

How are you 'Grammy'? Hope all are well and safe! Hug your little doll for me! It seems like a million years ago since my granddaughters were little! We had a ball together!

Grammy is better lol. Started PT last week and it seems to help a tad bit, but my thyroid level is really high. My granddaughter is just precious...never knew I could love someone so much haha. Thanks for asking and have a great weekend, xoxo

Thanks for the update on JC. It’s times like this that technology for passing on news and finding people is amazing. I’m so glad he’s being cared for, the stress of this must be taking its toll on him.


I'm so glad you found him. This means he possibly lost everything and will need to find a new place to live. God bless him. I'm so glad he evacuated. So many didn't! Will be praying for him.

Oh gosh, I hadn't realized that JC came from Seaside. The entire town was underwater and a lot of houses burned down due to leaking gas. I feel so badly for JC!

Does anyone know of a LEGIT organization where I can send a donation? I'd like my money to go to the Jersey shore towns, if possible.

SK, thank you for telling us about JC. I'm glad his medical needs are being handled. I hope he has access to pain meds, etc. it must be horrible to have fibro and be in that kind of living situation along with all of the STRESS.

Oh yes, you could be right. I hope he can salvage his home or his furnishings. It would be really hard after that major of a flood though.

Yes, the blessing is that he listened and evacuated. I cannot fathom what that storm could have been like to live through when you lived right in the center of its path.

Can we do anything to help him directly? I’m just wondering if an organization exists that will take donations especially for him since he is part of our family. I’m going to look around on the web.

That's a better idea still, Sunflower. Thanks for going that one step further in the thinking. I don't think I would have gotten that far on my own.

NO new news on JC. I had heard they were trying to get people out of the costal shelters and move them inland, but no word if he was one.

I know the Noreaster is supposed to hit this area yet again in the next few days!

His island was pretty much destroyed, what was left is still flooded according to the news.

He is in the hands of the Red Cross, so I sent a donation to the Red Cross. It was the best way I knew to help him.

Poor JC. Shelter living has to be tough. I'm so sorry that he's still there and is so affected by Sandy. He is welcome to stay with me in the greater Boston area, if anyone can reach him.

OMG, we're getting the latest Nor'easter. I just looked out my window and saw snow! A little bit early for it!

Oh no! So snow in Boston at 3:25 EST, still snowing, Pet? We have not had any snow yet, but are supposed to. Hope it's enough to cover the ground, it covers all the mold! The only time we are not plagued by outdoor mold is when snow covers the ground!

JC is smart, he will stay as safe as he can, but that does not stop us from worrying about him. We could all loose power over this, too many trees still have leaves to be getting up to 6 inches of snow, it could be bad news. Supposed to be a wet, heavy snow according to the weather channel.

I worry about Renie too, she is still not recovered from Sandy, power is still off and on, internet same way! Wonder if they can get gas or heating oil yet, especially after that big oil spill! UGH!

I have to figure out how to not let these world events bother me so deeply. There's another bad storm ready to hit NJ/NY. I'm praying. JC is moderator on so many Ben's Friends groups, Susan would you mind asking Ben and Scott Orn if they have heard from him? I'm just on my way to a Dr. appt. I will contact JC's sister and will report whatever I find out. If anyone prays or sends good energy etc. Please do so for this next storm.



I hope they can, I dearly do. It was very cold last night. I was thinking of those displaced by Sandy, wondering if they had any heat or not...I read just now that 650,000 people are still without power. We don't need this Nor'easter right now.

I'm praying that Renie's power is on. Cannot fathom having fibro and sitting in a freeing cold room all day and all night. I hope that's not the scenario she's facing.

Are you really supposed to get 6 inches of snow tonight? Ours just left a light coating. And I'm shocked that you have so much year round mold, SK. I wonder if that contributes to any of your illnesses?

Are you doing ok today or are you still flaring? I'm sure this storm isn't helping matters any. Stupid Nor'easter.

Petunia they are vague and confusing about our area, even Renie mentioned that earlier. I did see that there is a small storm that spun off the large one that is around our area, or will be in our area. They show three different doppler maps, one or two looks as though we are gettig slammed, and the other doesn't even show it here, but I am aching terribly and my sinuses are killing me, the computer is uncharacteristically slow. Could be on the way! Or it could only be in the nearby mountains, don't know for sure. We shall see!

NY/NJ is expected to get HIT! Philly too! That was not vague at all!

Dear Sheila,

I know it is sometimes difficult to deal with all of this catastrophes! The prayers and good energy remain for JC, I think calling his sister is a great idea! Please let us know. I left word for Scott, but he said he would report anything he has heard. Right now, you calling his sister is our best bet!

Thanks and lets hope it is not a strong storm, and stays away from the areas already smacked!!

Prayers to Renie, she has been going through it too in upstate NY! Still does not have phone service or predictable power, has big trees down, having trouble getting gasloine for car and generator and heating oil is scarce! no fun!

Please let us know how he's doing if you can reach his sister and let us know that we're worried about him.

And my prayers to Renie. It's absolutely awful that she's living like that more than a week after the storm. In a country that's as prosperous as ours is (or was) it's hard to understand why people are stuck for so long without power. Maybe I'm just too over-anxious. But by golly, even heating oil is scarce for them? I don't understand that at all. Every single thing that we take for granted she's doing without. I can't imagine how frustrating and COLD it must be.

My heart goes out to them.

I will post everything I learn!

I am just emailing JC's his sister, I don't have any phone numbers, but just now I realized she was in another part of New Jersey so I'm trying to research to see if her area got it too. She had a farm in a country area. She was in Sussex. Looking online for info on that area. She could still just have no power to communicate or could be safe. I'll just have to wait for her reply. Praying for them both. They have lost enough. Their mother died of lupus when they were teenagers.