Renie is okay!

Renie just posted on our Moderator Site telling us that upstate NY is still out of power, due to lines, poles and trees down, nearly out of gasoline and they are using that to run generators, and I heard on the news that heating oil is scarce.

Keep her in your good thoughts and prayers and hope they can get through this quickly.

Heard from Giana too, so she is safe! JC is safe!

Thank God, it is a good day!

I told her to come to my house if she could get here! Always have room for my dear friends, especially the ones I have made who understand about my illnesses. I cannot imagine being without heat, that would be the absolute worst!

SK thank you so much for the update. You r a great person to open up your home. i know i lived on my own i would too. i home things for those who got hit get better by thanks giving.

Oh yes, thank God indeed! And thank SK for telling us this.

It sounds like a very precarious situation to be in with no electricity, no heat, no hot water and no gas/petrol. I hope her condition improves ASAP. It's not too too cold yet but I know a bad Nor'easter is heading our way soon and I truly hope everyone gets their power back by then, and has a safe, warm place to go. That would make a Thanksgiving with true meaning to the word "thanks."

If she or anyone else who is without a home or heat needs temporary respite, I could have them here as well. I live in the Greater Boston area.

They'd have to like dogs and cats though, as a caveat.

I just heard that this noreaster is supposed to hit the Jersey shore!

I know Renie has a cat!

Take care, thinking of you from Oz. barb

My electric held up for the most part, and we have the generator, but a little trip to Boston sounds pretty good !!

Dogs and cats are an added bonus !



You guys are all truly awesome.

To know that someone was concerned about us, virtual strangers, warms my heart tremendously.

I couldn't ask for a better group of friends than I have here.

Love and hugs to everyone,


We love and care about you, girlie! So glad you are back! We had Renie withdrawls! It was awful!

Come on up! We have a free room, since i can't get up the stairs to it...except you might not be able to either. And my house is 10 steps up from the street, as well. Don''t know it that would be a problem for you?

i'm breathing a sigh of relief for you regarding your electricity and generator. I hope you've got heat too because it's cold tonight and anyone without power is really gonna feel it. :-(

Yes. Doesn't that just stink?

Maybe it'll bypass them and just hit New England instead. We're used to Nor'easters. We get em a lot.

SK thankyou for keeping us updated, so glad Renie is back !!!
No more storms !!!
Although I did here yesterday … I’m not even going to say it !
Hugs & blessings