Love to you all in the us x

all tc through the storm xxxx

Thank you, Angie B!!!! Much appreciated!!!

Glad there is a thing on here about this already. Hope you are all safe and well xx

Still strong winds here, Mike, and I'm not in the midst of the storm. It's no longer a hurricane but has morphed into a superstorm from a cold front, and has more power as a result. Unfortunately, it's making land just at high tide during a full moon. No bueno. Some of the best piers in New Jersey are at risk and the historic one in Atlantic City has partially fallen away. Storm surges are feared in New Jersey and New York. And the surges containing salt water from the Atlantic Ocean will corrode mechanical and electrical equipment. It's a fascinating but frightening storm.

I truly appreciate your good wishes and those of Angie B. You never know when you'll face something like this and it's nice to come together during emergencies.

All I can say is please keep staying safe and let me know how things go. Fingers crossed it will not be as bad as predicted xx

We got very wet, but are okay, so glad the roof got fixed, or my Mom would be swimming! The basement is finally dry, hubby is asleep, was up 2 nights with the shop vac, keeping water out of the basement. Have huge lakes full of water outside all over the property, and neighboring properties, and more days of rain ahead!

Each time we lost power, thankfully, it came right back on, so glad it is really cold here now!

Thank you all.

We are still waiting to hear from JC, he went to a Red Cross shelter, but lives on the beach of NJ, where the eye hit! NJ Gov Christie will make sure the roads are safe, and the structures are safe before he will allow people near them. He is one of our finest!

Angie, thank you for your warm wishes to us all, it was scary last night as the wind howled through the house, but lucky for me I am in western new York.
New York city & the east coast just keeps getting hit its so crazy ! I’m worried what this winter has in store for us.

Hugs & blessing


Ah, I didn't realize you were a New Yawker too~ I'm so glad all is well with you! So good to see you on here today.

The wind was truly AWFUL, wasn't it? And it kept up for hours on end. It almost sounded like a beast - and my little chihuahua Johnnie Cake got very agitated with it at one point and started barking madly at it. Scared m, thought something bad was about to happen.

I hope the storm has nothing more in store for us but my mother said something on tv warned that the storm's not done with causing damage yet. SCARY!

To all of our silent members who read but do not comment-

I hope you are okay today and the storm hasn't upended your life. I pray that you and your family and your pets are well and your house is standing and not waterlogged. And lastly, I hope that your job hasn't been impacted from the storm.

Be well and let us know how you are, if you'd like,



Hi petunia, ya I’m a Yankee ! Lol, so funny about your Johnnie Cake, last night I was in my room, my son was on couch, usually the dogs stay right next to him, I heard my one dog bark, just one bark, so I came out of my room, looked down stairs he wasn’t with my son, I started calling him, where the heck is he, looked all over, so funny, he had gone into my spare room upstairs it’s my moms room when she stays over, he was sitting on her bed in the dark, he never goes in there, unless my mom let’s him. So funny, I think he didn’t like the wind, I have to tell my mom about that. Lol
Glad you are ok

soo glad you are all ok xxxx all tc and big hugs to you all xx