Feeling hot

I just wanted to ask does anyone else have their skin feel to them like it is hot almost like you are sunburned(to the touch the skin is not hot it is how I feel)it feels like I have a sunburn and is sensitive to anything touching it, the areas around my neck and shoulders are extremely sensitive even to air blowing across them or my hair brushing across....I always feel like I hot just burning up inside too, and yes I am 40 and have had all of my hormone levels checked, they all come back perfectly normal but I stay hot, all year long and now with it being the dead of summer down south and so humid I feel like I am cooking from the inside out...I just can't get cooled off, we run air,ceiling fans, and personal fans and do as light as possible on clothing and take cool showers off and on,drink plenty of cool water and eat plenty of fruits for the water contents...I am just at a loss. I do also have RA and when I am having those flares I understand and you can see and feel the heat in the joints but what I am addressing is all the time not just during a flare up..

Any thoughts,help or suggestions greatly appreciated..

I’m always hot don’t know why just figured it was me. My skin feels like its boiling sometimes

I'm always hot too and cannot stand the heat of summer anymore. But don't have the burning skin issue. However, I've heard other fibro people complain of it so I know it goes along with fibro. Hopefully some will pop up and answer your post.

I know that the skin sensitivities are a part of this but the heat and always staying so hot, I am really weird because I do not sweat a lot but I always feel so hot, and when checking I am not really running a fever or anything,so poor hubby will be saying he is cold and me I am roasting, so hot that I can't stand it outside here but very short periods of time at cooler times of the day....thank so much

thanks, was just curious, cause I know the skin being so sensitive is part of it and as we get a little older horomones change but,this is not like having a hot flash...been there from some of the meds for fertility...wow...this is constant staying hot 24/7...and a sunburn would actually be pleasant cause at least when you put aloe and creams on it, it lessens the pain...

Yes, I feel like I have fire coming out the top of my head, and my torso and shoulders feel like I have a bad sunburn. I also sweat from my head a lot and have been doing so for years. I get Botox injections in the scalp and forehead too. It keep s the sweats at bay for three months…

Thank you Amarlene, I appreciate any and all input, I have noticed this over the last 2 1/2 years or so being so hot on some days and figured it was hotter days higher humidity or such but its not it is now a constant and it really messes with me being able to sleep and being comfortable my poor hubby freezes part of the time...I am so thankful to you for sharing, this has been another of those strange things that I just fell to accepting and wanted to see who else may have had some experience and any input...so again thank you so very much...

I always feel like I have a sunburn from the inside ! Sometimes you'll find me standing in the bathtub in icy water, just trying to cool my feet. I always keep the air conditioner as cold as I can, and constantly complain that it's not enough. It feels like a fever that I can't break, just burns hotter without the ability to sweat it out.

It was talked about a few weeks ago, but unfortunately our search engine is down, so it's very difficult to see old posts at the moment. If you can find it, there's more info there... and hopefully we'll be able to search again soon!

Thank you Renie, and kholmes much appreciated...this truly helps and I will look and see if I can find the forum...always need any informed info that we can get...

Get your hormone levels checked you might be running low on estrogen, I am HRT and still suffer severe sweating with any physical exertion the sweat just drips off me it's horrid I go red and flushed and get the burning skin The botox injections sound great because I can't wear makeup because it just drips off, and I have taken my temp and it's normal but my body is on fire

Hi Angie,

Yes, I do have this in places, and the answer from all of my Doctors is inflammation of the nerves and nerve roots! Being arthritic, I cannot really tolerate ice, so I either use OTC 'Sports Cream' or the Ethyl Chloride spray, that numbs me, because there is always pain, and sometimes it's more than nerves, it's joint pain along with it. BTW, the spray goes on the coldest ice cold stuff imaginable, but it goes away in seconds!

Hope this is of some help, hope you can find some relief!

Big hugs,


I also hope your son and husband are well!

TY kholmes, and have to giggle a little, sounds like me on the multi rreply...but thank you very much for taking your time,every time...I appreciate it lots...and yah we thought it might be premenopause...and I had all checked all of my hormones were fine, was hoping it was an easy fix not another fun effect of the fibro...

I’m total opposite! Freezing 24/7!!