How Far Is Too Far When Pushing Ourselves

I was thinking about my week next week. It’s going to be crazy busy. M,T,W I have to work. Thursday I have a Seahawks game to work and Friday a friend who wants me to partner up with her in building a Bakery primarily cakes, cupcakes and some cookies. Maybe my dream will come true sooner than later. But here’s my worry. I look at what’s ahead of me and I know that I am going to have bad bad days. Typically when I work in the prep room I’m in a lot of pain and when I work games I’m in a lot of pain. So, am I planning on pushing myself too far? Or do I keep pushing myself through the pain…I strikes fear in me.

Dear Punkin,

That is a million dollar question! Knowing when it is too much! If you don't push, you don't even get out of bed! I know every one says pace yourself, know your limits, count your spoons, but you have a dream, and it is within reach right now! You have to do what you can for this dream, you have worked very hard to get it this far, I know that you will do your best, Punkin!

Life doesn't come at you orderly and managed, so sometimes you have to push, but don't want to irreversibly harm yourself either!

I know how strong and dedicated you are, when the time is right, you will make this happen, my hats off to you girl! Wishing you the very best!



Well someone needs to tell my fairy godmother to get off her butt and get in here and wrap my life up so its orderly and managed!


I know, the Doctors sometimes think that we can always manage everything neatly, schedule everything perfectly and not get too tired or run down, it is closer to a fairy tale than reality, but you have to consider that they HAVE a staff!

There's something to put at the top of our wish lists, a fairy godmother, lets make her rich and generous while we're at it!

We're all rooting for you, Punkin!

If you were a normal person (as in NO fibro,) I'd say grit your teeth and go for it. But boy, oh boy, fibro sure changes things, doesn't it? Can you do it? Probably yes. Will you be in awful pain afterwards? Most likely yes. If it was something that you could easily recover from, not really a biggie. But we know better than that. Obviously you're committed at this point, so you'll go for it. But does it make sense to book yourself that full in the future? You really need to think if the pain is something you're willing to deal with. In your case, you want to build a business. A very enviable business, I might add, looking at your beautiful confections. have the pain issue. Is it going to be realistic for you to follow this path with your fibro? I don't know the answer to that. I only wish I didn't have to ask you these questions, Punkin. But you need to think about these things.