Is anyone feeling this way

Good morning everyone, I have been feeling pretty well these past few weeks. Unfortunately the past 3 days I have extreme headaches, body aches, fatigue and a sore throat. I also have a little bumps on my hands and feet. Has anyone experienced this or have any suggestions?

Never had all that go on at same time. If it gets worse please seek a doctor. Prayers.

Hi Jmarie - great that you’ve been feeling pretty well! :open_hands:
The first 4 symptoms for 3 days sound like a virus, wouldn’t you think?

Apart from a virus itself I got/get these after each of the 3 CoV-jabs and sometimes when my histamine is increased, in both cases an MCAS reaction…

The bumps similarly sound like an allergic histamine reaction. But whilst the others are more general, that sounds as if it might help docs narrow down what kind of viral infection might be responsible for the others too…

Seconding the need to check with a doctor. I’ve had these sorts of symptoms in the past and only knew what was going on because of testing. Hope you are feeling better quickly!

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