Love/Hate Relationship

I have such a love/hate relationship with warm weather. Love all of the beauty outdoors, being able to wear light layers of clothes, the smells, the kids playing, grilling out. HATE that my skin, no matter how much sunblock, will end up blistering, swollen, cracking, itching, burning. Hate that I can't handle the heat. Hate that sometimes while I hear everyone out enjoying this weather I am stuck inside in a mega flare. LOVE that hubby got both A/C units working!!!!

Yes, I enjoyed the weekend under the umbrella. Which meant no fishing because I couldn't move the umbrella stand out to the end of the pier.

And for the first time I had pain in my lower arms both left and right from elbow to wrist. It hurt so bad it was hard to wipe after going to the bathroom (I know TMI) has anyone else had pain there?

YES!!!! My privates are swollen and itchy as well as everything else. Weird that you bring that up-down there really dislikes summer!

I do all of those things as well :) as soon as the humidity strikes, even just a little, my skin feels all prickly and itchy. Like an allergic reaction. Then these tiny little fluid filled blisters appear on my hands. They itch and burn and are very painful. Then they dry out crack and pop and leave my hands with open wounds. I do not need sun for that to happen, just stickiness. When I was a child I had multiple heat strokes putting me in hospital. I have learned how to protect myself as much as possible, but, nothing makes it go away. My skin gets awful rashes and easily cracks and tears from whatever this is. I feel like I am allergic to my own skin and debate if ripping it off would actually feel better than it does now. Sorry for the graphic, lol!

i feel you indeed. i can not be out in the sun.and i live near the beach! if i do get to go it will be for a very short time if i can take a swim. no more sunbathing for me and high spf, sun glasses and hat. all the best..



Maybe it IS an allergic reaction. Maybe to the sun or to heat or the sweat produced from heat. Or maybe it's a yeast infection? I get that under my breasts when it's prickly and hot, and it sounds like what you get on your hands. My doctor prescribed something that didn't help at all. One day I tried putting some triple antibiotic ointment on the yeast infection and it stopped itching and burning and it dried up without cracking and oozing. Maybe it would help your hands? I don't know. All I can say is that it sounds just like what I get under my breasts.

Is it pain in the muscles? Or pain in the pressure points next to the elbows? I get the latter. My upper arms will also hurt if I overuse them, but not as much as yours, more like tired and achy. But fibro can make every part of you miserable, that's for sure!

I break out everywhere...I get rashes from head to toe. But, the hands are the worst. The doctors have tried prescribing lotions and such since I was a baby because my skin is so dry it sometimes resembles snake skin. I have read up on the tiny blisters on the hands and it is a symptom that you have an auto immune disease...but, doctors don't know what it is really or why it happens. Story of my life!lol.

Usually its the upper arms and the pressure points near the elbow but on Sunday it was my lower arms. And that could have been because I was trying to dig the umbrella stand out of the sand but I've never had that much pain before. Thankfully its gone now and I'm just back to the sore neck and shoulders with tired upper arms.

So far, knocking on wood, I haven't had issues with the sun, but I can't handle the heat dry or humid. I get too uncomfortable, and it seems like I just don't have the tolerance nor the patience to handle being uncomfortable. But I so understand what you mean about the pain in your forearms Stacey. I experience the same pain every once in awhile and it is hard to complete the bathroom routine. I have severe osteo in my hands and wrists, and I always thought it was referred pain that was causing the pain to radiate all the way up to my elbows, sometimes with a burning sensation, but maybe it is fibro. The pain you experience is it all in your muscles and tendons or joints too?

Hope you get some relief soon.