The Red Cross

I know we are not the richest of people, being financially cleaned out by our illness, but if you can spare $1, $5, $10, please think of the tens of thousands who were left with NOTHING after hurricane Sandy came through! BTW another noreaster is due to hit the Jersey Shore this Wednesday!

The Red Cross is wonderful !!! Thanks for posting, they for sure need everyone to give what ever they can, the devastation is horrible

there is a $10.00 min donation for the online donation, for those who want to give less I will look up the number & post it,
SK do you know If there is a phone number, for the red cross to directly donate for Sandy relief ?

Hugs& blessings

The phone number is 1-800-RED-CROSS, however I have not seen anything that talks about an amount less than $10.00.

I did not realize there was a minimum, guess you could send a check!